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Inside Sales Support

No description

Tricia Marteney

on 13 February 2014

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Transcript of Inside Sales Support

Inside Sales Support
Customer- 43%
Admin- 49%
Territory planning - 5%
Cust. strategies - 3%
Test Areas
Admin Activities
1. Quoting activities

3. Overseeing the sales process

New - Do not give to ISS Who do I go to internally? - handled by ISS
Used - ISS could help with quotes

Updates - handled by ISS
Allied - most handled by ISS Managing/filling out ROS's - some by ISS
Demo process- most handled by ISS Setting up new customers - handled by ISS
New vendor set ups- handled by ISS

2. Handling customer issues/calls

4. Managing information

(Sales managers)

Service - most handled by ISS Commission reports
General questions - most handled by ISS

Researching commission issues
Reports - handled by ISS Management reports

Positive impact? - YES!

Amount of time freed up? 12.5%
Interviewed 25+ people
across all regions

1. How do you spend your time? 2. List of admin activities
*customer time? 3. Admin activities moved?
*admin time? 4. Positive/Negative impact?
*territory planning? 5. How much time freed up?

Next Steps
1. Go/no go?
2. Formalize job description/comp. plan/reporting structure
3. Communicate with branch & sales managers, salespeople
in test locations
4. Post ISS position in test locations/interview
5. 90 -120 day test

Timing - 30 - 45 days

Time Spent
Questions Asked:
Kevin Kain (EV)
John Ritz
Kevin Taylor
Ken Rider
Tim McCreary
Josh Melnichak
George Reese
Karena Comoss
Brad Pitera
Josh Warren
Greg Bogle
Niels Tolboom
Stephen Drake
Patrick Abadie
Jim Whitis (EV)
Jeremy Rock
Dennis Dupre
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