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Creative Product Promotion - lesson 1

Introduction to unit, SOW and the promotional mix

Ben Whittingham

on 12 September 2011

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Transcript of Creative Product Promotion - lesson 1

Unit 9
Creative Product Promotion Lesson Objectives Introduce Scheme of Work Decide on preferred delivery/resource Define promotion Recap basic marketing principals Explain the promotional mix SOW After completing this unit you should:
1. Know the constituents of the promotional mix
2. understand the role of promotion within the marketing mix
3. understand the role of advertising agencies and the media
4. be able to create a simple promotional campaign Recap

In pairs define:
Marketing concept
What are the main business objectives?
What is the marketing mix?
Why is having the correct marketing mix important?

What is promotion? Partof the marketing promotion that communicates the benefits of the product or service How does promotion link to the business objectives? To help win new customers
To help retain (keep) existing ones Promotional mix - a business's total marketing communications programme./strategy Do all promotional mixes look the same? What factors will influence the promotional mix? target audience
message that is sent
available budget What does the marketing mix consist of? What promotional activities are available? Personal selling Advertising Sales promotion Public relations Direct marketing Sponsorship Woodplay Ltd is a manufacturer of wooden toys for the very young. The product range includes wooden dolls and soldiers. The toys are quite expensive and are hand-made. The company sells largely through mail order and advertises in magasines aimed at young mothers. It has decided to increase its promotional spend and advertise through a national magasine insert in a national newspaper

1. Describe the target audience for Woodplay's toys
2. Why do you think it has decised to advertise through a national magasine?
3. What possible national publications would you recommened that they go with? Summary

Each tell me something you have learnt in this lesson. Add substance otherwise I will probe!! :) Prezi or PowerPoint?
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