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Augmenting Robots

No description

Alejandro Solano

on 6 February 2015

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Transcript of Augmenting Robots

Augmenting Robots
Today there are robots everywhere. They are in factories, in airports and even in your house. Some companies have even made humanoid robots. One such robot is called...
where is it used
Augmenting Robots are used all over the world to match human needs. A Augmenting Robot has 6 degrees of freedom .The wok envelope of a Augmenting Robot depends on the engineer who designed the robot and how big they decide to make it
What Task Does it Perform?
The task these robots perform human task such as a hand would pick up something. Ever Since technology has advanced, we have been having an easier time make limbs for people without them.
How did it learn to perform its task?
An Augmenting Robot uses sensors to be calibrated .The robot copies human activity till it learns the task
Is the Robotic end effector multifunctional?
The Robotic end effector is multifunctional because it is made to perform almost any task a human can do.
Another way
Another way a Augmenting Robot can be used is to help humans that have no limbs or limbs that do not work in this way the robot is connected to the muscles of the human so that it can move when the person that is using it wants.
What sensors does the robot use?
pros & cons
it can perform jobs to dangerous for humans
it can do your chores if you buy one for home
we wont have to work
it will take our jobs and we wont get paid
The sensors augmenting robots have are a Smart Sensors and integrated micro systems so that the robots can recognize their surroundings and interact with it.
In the future, these robots can will be used to help those who have lost an organ or limb. This will also help for exploration if we want to send a non-living robot to a new planet or under the ocean.
The jobs this robot would help provide are any, since it helps people without limbs and people who have a hard time using their limbs.
Thank You For Watching
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