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International Law

No description

sarah kassim

on 2 June 2014

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Transcript of International Law

Principles of international law
First principle of international law is about the punishment of a person who is liable of committing an act that has been considered a crime under international law
Treaties & their importance
A treaty is considred to be a written, formal agreemen that occurs between states, soverign states, or interational organizations. treaties are one of the pillars of international relations. There are hundreds of treaties between Canada and the U.S for example.
Difference b/w International law & Domestic law
They differ from each other because international law does not exist within a formal justice system. because of the gaps in international law system, sometimes domestic law would be relied on as an enforcement.
International Law
There are many principles of interbnational law to talk about but first, what is international law?
History & Development
International law is based on the modifications and the establishment on a system that is based on an independent sovereign state are the only important points in an international system. this means that in the early days, international law was only for the protection of diplomats, establishment of the state boundaries as well as in treaty laws.
International Law
By: Sarah K

International law’s purpose is to help in the governing of relations among sovereign states. It affects both societies and individuals in very specific ways. International law today is not only about the relations among the different states but is also about how these states can handle matters such as human rights within its borders.
The second principle is that any person who has been charged with a crime underneath international law has a fair right to a trial on the law and its facts
The essential structure came about during the European Renaissance, though it can be traced all the way back to ancient middle east. numerous pacts were settled by ancient middle eastern empires.
Nations are encouraged to obey the international law not because of the risks in legal sanctions but also the continued acceptance in the international law community.
The third principle is that anyone who is involved in a crime against humanity, peace or a war crime is still considered to be a crime for international law
The Law of treaties is complex:
1. First stage is negotiations.
2. Second stage is after negotiations, there must be a mutually agreed upon text produced, and the negotiators will sign the treaty.
3. Third stage is that it will be ratified (when the governmenr reviews the work). it can be absolute or have a reservation (written modificationof a party's obligation as described in negotiated text).
Opinion on principles of Law
My opinion is that these principles of law are extremely important as they help create order between countries or 'states'. this will allow jusice to be implemented trans-borders, and help enforce peace.
Principles of international Law help Soverignity
yes, I do beleive it is helping, because this means that the lawful control of a state over its territory , and its right to govern in that territory and its authority to apply the law there for the exclusion of other such states, and international law supports this concept. International law was seen as a guarantor of state soverignity, but also as having the potential to limit soverignity
International Law helping diplomatic relations
Yes, it is true. some of the oldest rules of international law deal with diplomatic protection. their protection to foreign states was one of the first customs to be recognized as the success of negotiations.
In conclusion, internatonal law is important and essential for peace in the world
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