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What are they?

No description

Tay Brown

on 3 December 2015

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Transcript of What are they?

Soap bombs

First I will use a soap bomb with all the ingredients used as an examine the amount of fizziness it produces. After rcording that data i will examine a soap bomb without its key ingredient(citric acid) and record the amount of fizziness. The procedure will be repeated.
How do the ingredients in soap bombs effect the fizz of the soap bomb when used and not used.
Ingredients in soap bombs/materials
Soap bombs are small
pieces of soap that when
put in water erupts into lots of
bubbles. They're usually used for creating bubble baths.

If a large amount of cirtic acid is used then there willbe more
fizz from the soap bomb because citric acid has the best reaction
with water.
Baking soda,Citric acid,Corn starch,
Salts,Water,Essential/fragrance oil,
Food coloring
Citric acid is the most resourceful
to create an explosion(fizz).This is why
people drop mentos in soda which contains citric acid. Also as y The formula Acid+Akili=water=dioxide is very supportive of Citric acid's usefulness.
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