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Dr. Suess

No description

Josh Yarnell

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of Dr. Suess

Dr. Suess
Descriptions about Dr. Seuss
Dr. Suess was born in Springfeild, Massachusetts 1904 and died September, 24 1991 at age 87.
His birthday is on March 2.
He was well known as a children's author and spent up to a year to publish his books because he wanted it to be perfect.
Dr. Suess graduated from Dart Mouth College where he was an editor of the schools humor magazine and then studied at Oxford University where he met his first wife Helen Palmer.

Geizel was his middle name was his mothers maiden name.

He wrote over 48 books and sold at least 200 million copies have been sold.
information and facts.
Dr. Suess was a children's author. He wrote millions of books and sold millions of copies. He wrote his first book in 1937 which was "And too think i saw it on Mulberry street."
.Suess, D. (1957). The Cat In The Hat. New York: Random House Children's Books.
Dr. Suess National Memorial Sculpture Garden at the Springfeild Meseums. (2002-2004). Retrieved March 12, 2014, from www.catinthehat.org: http://www.catinthehat.org/history.htm
Dr. Suess. (2013). Retrieved March 12, 2014, from http://www.drseussart.com/: http://www.drseussart.com/biography.html

Why did we chose this subject
by: Brianna Allen, Lacey Barnes, Haylee Sampson
We chose this subject because Dr. Suess is fun, and he makes millions of people smile. We think he has lots of history and we like his books as well.
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