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Mussolini's Battles

here's a thing

Marcus Paragpuri

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Mussolini's Battles

He came, he saw, he kind of just tried really Mussolini's Battles Battle for Land Battle for Lira Battle for Births Aims: Battle for Grain Aims: Aims: What he hoped: Regain marshland for wheat production
Remove risk of malaria from marshes
Boost economy and national pride
Ruralisation Actions 58% of reclamation projects + 1 in 3 irrigation schemes completed Plenty of jobs created for the projects New towns built to show Roman architecture Increase wheat/cereal production
"liberate Italy from the slavery of foreign bread" - Mussolini What actually happened? Wheat production increased by 50%
High tariffs were imposed on wheat imports
People's diets became unbalanced (avg. calorie consumption was 200 kcal less than normal)
Production of near everything else dropped dramatically Improve the value of the Lira
Through the strength of its currency, reveal the power of Italy Actions/Consequences 1922: £1 = 90 Lira, 1926: £1 = 138 Lira
Fixed Lira to £1 = 90 Lira
International trade declined
Demonstrated Mussolini's ability to be bold and decisive Increase population from 40mil to 60mil by 1950
Get mothers to have 12 children or more
Instill patriotism and national pride Actions Mother and Child Day 1933
Married men with 6 children = exempt from taxation
Fertile married men got the jobs
UNREALISTIC Mussolini disapproves If you don't take History
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