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At First Bite By Ruth Ames

No description

Desirae Austeng

on 29 October 2014

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Transcript of At First Bite By Ruth Ames

At First Bite

By Ruth Ames
Identification of theme and how it connects to plot
The theme of the book is mystery and adventure. It is mystery because ashlee tries to solves a mystery of who the dark ones are and it is a adventure because she follows two people and tries to figure out who is the dark one is Mr.Harkeror Marc. She figures out that Marc is a vampire and Mr.Harker,but Marc is not a dark one but Mr.Harker is.
Main character analysis
Ashlee is a very nice girl. She tries to fit in to her new school and she makes friends right away.
At First Bite
Plot summary and introduction
Ashlee (or ash ) a teenage vampire is packing up and moving to LA. she says bye to her best friends Malory, Eve, and her mentor Arabella. She told arabella she would text her when she is in LA.
Explanation of main conflict
Ashlee is trying to fit in with her new school she meets these girl that are mean to her. She meets five new friends. There names are Sasha, her brother Marc, and the mean girls that are mean to her before she was a wardrobe their names are Wendy, Carmen, and Paige.
By Ruth Ames

Presitation By Desirae Austeng
Explanation of reading strategy used and why it was effective
My growth as a reader
Presentation to class
Recommendation of book with explanation
(page 34)
(page 9)
(page 34 and 90)
I recommed First Bite to anyone who likes to fead all the time and to people who likes mystery and aventuris
My growth as a reader is to get a little more challanging book but not to hard. I belive that my growth as reader has grown if not then that is ok i will try to do my best to finding a better book that is a lit
The reading strategy i used was i read slowly. I picked the just right book for me it wasn't to easy and not to hard. I use to hate reading but ever since i read First Bite i liked to read.
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