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All House Workshop 2013

No description

Karlee Nuttelman

on 7 April 2013

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Transcript of All House Workshop 2013

All House Workshop April 7, 2013 Pi Chi Introductions
Recruitment Schedule Changes
Recruitment Rules
Values Based Recruitment
Colonization information
Presentation from Alpha Xi Delta
Breakout Session Overview PI CHI Introductions Day 1: Open House Round
Day 2: Philanthropy and Sisterhood
Day 3: Preference
Day 4: Bid Day Recruitment Schedule
Changes Recruitment Rules
Overview Come check-in with Karlee, Barbie or Mackenzie From 4 pages to 2! Removal of Skit Membership Chairs will discuss all of the rule changes with you as a chapter! Values Based Recruitment Mackenzie Reynoso
VP of Internal Recruitment How We Choose a PNM Conversation
How they look
What we have in common

We fall in love over a PNM after talking to her for 20 minutes about Harry Potter, but what do you know about her dedication, charisma, or scholastic abilities? What does values based recruitment allow us to do? Determine the characteristics, attributes, and skills necessary for a PNM to qualify as a member of our organization
Use our organization values to create measurable criteria for admittance
Determines qualifications and ranking of membership
Higher quality of individuals Values Based Behavior Ask yourself these questions---

What does our current behavior say about what we value?
Is this how we want to portray ourselves to PNMs?

What do our values say about how we should behave?

How can we better demonstrate through action what we really care about? Values Based Criteria Values Based Conversation Surface level questions lack substance--- we already know this information from their recruitment application

Values Based Conversation is centered around Values Based Criteria

Ex. "Sally, sisterhood is something we really pride ourselves on as a chapter. We are committed to our friendships with one-another. Can you tell me about some of your close friends from High School?
Values Based Expectations This means having clearly communicated expectation of our chapter members, community members, and potential new members and holding each other accountable to those expectations.

What do we expect of our members?

We sugar coat during recruitment because we are afraid that the true commitment will scare women away - don't those women typically leave anyway? What we want to do with Values Based Recruitment! Have Chapters thinking deeply about what women they are taking into their chapter

Have PNMs think about the qualities that they believe in and relate them to what the different chapters offer

Develop strong driven women who are activity seeking knowledge about this lifetime decision Colonization Information Barbie Varon
Panhellenic President The Extension Process and What you can do! Alpha Xi Delta

Vision: Inspiring women to realize their potential

Philanthropy: Autism Awareness Recruitment Process Day One: Recruitment will remain the same
Day Two: AZD will drop out of recruitment process
Day Three: Continue with recruitment process as years past
Bid Day: Same as years before

*Alpha Xi Delta will continue recruiting until chapter total is met
*Individual bid day celebration where all Greek members are invited Expectations Current Chapters: Extension is a GOOD Thing

Interact with representatives from AXiD

Welcome them to your meetings, recruitment events, etc.

Be open minded Alpha Xi Delta Will abide by PHC recruitment guidelines, with some exceptions - i.e. events prior to recruitment, "Swag"

Will not be allowed to involve men with recruiting activities

Be "Panhellenic" from Day 1! Presentation From Alpha Xi Delta Break Out Session
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