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How Pokemon Relates To Math

No description

Jonathan Ross

on 19 February 2014

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Transcript of How Pokemon Relates To Math

How Pokemon Relates To Math
By. Jonathan Ross
Battle Damage
Type advantages,dis advantages
and drawls
The difference in types is very important in the pokemon world. So for example: If a Grass typed pokemon went up against a fire typed pokemon it be obvious to know who would win. The advantages for different types are strong for some and week for some others. For Example: If you had Dragonite out and your opponent sent a Glaceon out your Dragonite would be at a 50% disdvantage, and if they sent out a Garchomp they would be both at a 64% disadvantage.

Different types of pokemon
Rareness and present age of different pokemon
The rareness of pokemon such as legendary pokemon have a strong difference in the percentages of appearances. In the game pokemon black and White you were abble to catch Reshiram or Zeckram auto maticly at the end of the game. Some pokemon such as pikachu in sum pokemon games have him being a 10% chance of finding it.

Video 2 !!!!!!!!
Shiny pokemon
Def: shiny pokemon are rare pokemon that have a different texture.
These pokemon are almost imposable to find in the wild with out an action replay. In fact in fact in Black and White you weren't aloud to even find any ,but in the new X and Y there is about a 1000 out of 1,000,000 %.

Shiny continued
There are about 6 different ways to up your chances of catching shiny pokemon .
1:Masoodo method which gives you a 5% chance of getting a shiny from an egg of two pokemon from different countries.
2:The pokeradar which is a item received at the end of the game it has about a 29% chance of finding shiny pokemon.
3: Is a randomly chance of finding a shiny which is a 50% chance .
4:Is hoard forming which gives you a 60% chance.
5: This one is a 20% chance by getting a bunch of fossil and then reviving them.
6: This one is my least favorite it is chance fishing it has a 30% chance.

In the feeling of battle damage you may think that it is just like type differences but physical, range, statas affect, and critical attacks consist. Moves have attack and deference stats so it is depending on critical and deference stats affect it.

Here's the formula:

A = attacker's Level
B = attacker's Attack or Special
C = attack Power
D = defender's Defense or Special
X = same-Type attack bonus (1 or 1.5)
Y = Type modifiers (40, 20, 10, 5, 2.5, or 0)
Z = a random number between 217 and 255
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