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Science Fair

No description

Erin welch

on 28 April 2014

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Transcript of Science Fair

By: Erin Welch
Science Fair Project
Step 1 :
grab your supplies you will need Frozen yogurt , Ice cream, Sherbet .3 Bowls , a Spoon , and a timer .
Step 2:
grab your spoon and scoop out the same amount of each dessert into a separate bowl .
Step 3 :
Once you've have gotten all 3 of the desserts into a separate bowl , get your timer out put the timer on for 3 minutes and observe with your eyes which one is melting the fastest to see the one that melts the slowest , keep checking every 3 mintues to see if there melting, make sure you do this trail 3 times to see if your answer was correct .
Which frozen dessert melts slowest , Frozen yogurt , Ice-cream , or Sherbet ?.
Step 4:
By doing this project you can see that the frozen yogurt is the only one not really melting , the sherbet was melting but not as much as the icecream was melting... why is that ?
my hypothesis was that the ingredents could cause different meltings and by doing this project my hypothesis was right not only was it about the ingredents but also about the temperture range in the room
My Guess and answer:
at first while i was doing my project for the science fair i thought the Sherbet was going to be the slowest dessert to melt out of Frozen yogurt and Icecream but then when I saw it was starting to melt through out the 3 mintues and the Frozen yogurt wasnt really melting , and of course the icecream was almost a liguid , My guess was wrong the slowest dessert wasnt the Sherbet the answer was Frozen yogurt . Frozen yogurt is the slowest dessert to melt out of the others.

I hope you enjoyed my presentation and you can do this your self for your science fair thanks for watching BYE!! .
this is my sister
My Depentent and indepedent Variables

Indepedent variable :
Time it takes to Melt

Dependent Variable :
Different Desserts
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