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The Mistress Of Spices

A look at each individual spice

Stephanie Musurlian

on 28 March 2012

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Transcript of The Mistress Of Spices

The Mistress of Spices Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni Presented By:Stephanie Musurlian I am a Mistress of Spices.

I can work the others too. Mineral, metal, earth and sand and stone. The gems with their cold clear light. The liquids that burn their hues into your eyes till you see nothing else. I learned them all on the island.

But the spices are my love.

I know their origins, and what their colors signify, and their smells. I can call each by the true-name it was given at the first, when earth split like skin and offered it up to the sky. Their heat runs in my blood. From amchur to zafran, they bow to my command. At a whisper they yield up to me their hidden properties, their magic powers. Tilo runs a grocery store and uses spices to help the customers overcome their difficulties. She provides spices, not only for cooking, but also for the homesickness and alienation that the Indian immigrants in her shop experience. 2002 March (cc) image by jantik on Flickr Background Info. on the Mistress of Spices THE SPICES Bear the ability to come to life in its own aspect.
Take on the role of a humanized exsistance, and in some way take on the roles similar to a character.
Chitra describes the spices in poetic form-which enhances the magic behind the spices
Tilottama The Spice of Nourishment Tilottama is named after the Sesame Seed
Tilo takes on the role of nourisment by using the spices to solve problems for others- & eventually herself
Characters that she has "nourished":
-Ahuja's wife-Lalita
-Raven-her love interest
- Haroun- the cab driver
- Geeta & her family
- Jaggi- the immigrant boy

For Tilo's Spices to have "magical" powers she must obey rules She must use the spices to only help others
She must not touch another's human skin
She must not leave the Spice Bazaar
The spices must be her one and only love Tumeric A spice used to shield a sorrowed heart, annointment of death & rebirth
Given to Lalita because Tilo had felt her hurting
Tilo had noticed signs of abuse FENNEL "Fennel, which is the spice for Wednesdays, the day of averages, of middle-aged people...fennel...smelling of changes to come ." The spice of Courage Given to Lalita after she confides in Tilo about her dreadful marriage
Tilo gives her Fennel & a magazine Peppercorn
"Peppercorn has the ability to sweat your secrets out of you." This spice is given to Raven
Peppercorn helps Raven deal with his childhood issues dealing with his mother
Talking about past problems helps Raven achieve peace Red Chili "Chili, spice of red Thursday, which is the day of reckoning. Day which invites us to pick up the sack of our exsistance & shake it inside out. Day of suicde, day of murder. " A spice that cleanses evil.
Tilo had intended to give this spice to Haran in attempt to avoid the attack
However, time did not allow for the red chili to be delivered in enough time to serve as complete protection Kantakari- The Thorn Herb This was used to help Geeta and her family get through their time of struggle, after Geeta had denied an arranged marriage.
Kantakari is given to Geeta's grandfather to give him the "Golden Tongue"
"Whatever you say at this hour, people must believe. Whatever you ask, they must obey (p.190)". Cinnamon The friend-maker spice that offers strength
This spice is given to Jagjit
Tilo's hope was that this spice would allow his peers to accept him & to stop the bullying Makaradwaj The spice that is the conquerer of all time
Tilo breaks yet another rule- She uses this spice to make her feel young & beautiful
Being a victim of love she uses this spice for her own satisfaction, as well as to please Raven. adsvf
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