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Friend project

5 friends, pic included info about each one

Daniel Saunders

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Friend project

Colin Tyler Jackson Noel Jack Quiet-He's a quiet, smart, focused kind of guy. He never gets into trouble and hes never obnixous. He's respectful Intersting-though he never really talks much, when he does it's always insightful and important Easy to work with-colin and i have worked on many projects to together and they always turn out great. Hes willing to listen and he has good ideas. He typically remebers to do his part and doesn't goof around Soccer Chess Reading Stragegy games General perfection and maturity Summer buddy-I meet jack 3 years ago and colleagte sports camp over the summer. let me tell you, sports camp is AWESOME. You play dodgeball with a bunch of kidlums! On top of that Jack is friendly, smart and awesome. Friendly-So i walk into an already established group of kids and i don't know anyone there. Then i meet Jack and Jack gladly befriends me and makes me feel very welcome Likes: alternative rock music PS3 Mario cart Dodgeball Tennis Fun, kind, friendly Talented Similar views of the world Smart Similar intersts Helpful Enjoyable Youthful Good swimmer Funny Creative silly Talkative Enjoyable Likes music, alot Good story teller M Y F R I E N D S Loves facebook, Texting and messing around with friends Library Aid buddy Funny Friendly sweet
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