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Admissions Presentation for Parents Class 2018

No description

Hector Leon

on 7 October 2016

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Transcript of Admissions Presentation for Parents Class 2018

College Placements Presentation for
11th Grade Parents
Presented by:
Hector A. Leon, Director College Placements October October 8th, 2016

Counselor's Information
Mr. Hector A. Leon
- Director of College Placements, Ext. 912

Mr. Ganesh Kempaiah

- Coordinator,
Ext. 927

Mrs. Glory Paul --Executive Assistant
Ext. 927

What should your child be
doing NOW in order to prepare for
competitive College Admissions?
Review academic schedule - take a balanced and challenging set of courses
Focus on

study habits
and maintaining or improving

Admission decisions are made on transcript from grades 9-11 and senior schedule + senior year!
Start a "resume" of activities, honors, awards
Plan on attending getting acquainted with colleges and universities across the board...
11th Grade Suggested Focus
For a Solid Performance in Grade 11th and 12th
HL's (Mandatory)
English, English, English, did I say English????
Math (more important if student wants to go into engineering, science, economics or Business)
Science (very important if student wants to pursue medicine; Biology, Chemistry (for India add Physics)

(Elective Courses)
Fine arts or world language
Exploratory courses (taken for the sake of learning)
College/Post High School preparation
Career directed
Consider College Costs when looking at universities...
College Cost Estimator


Comprehensive website of college
search and selection
FREE information on College Board
Topics to be Addressed:
Getting ready for IB Curriculum
and college

Diploma requirements

Scheduling for 11th grade


Parent-Teacher communication
* Students will have different workshops during junior year in H.S.
Graduation Requirements
for IB curriculum
Must earn minimum
points for diploma (the higher the points/scores the more selective the institutions a child could aspire to apply

Recommendation on world languages

Don't forget
3 HL
3 SL
Indus/IB GPA Definitions
Minimum of 4 points per class to be in good standing

A solid GPA in the IB curriculum is somewhere between a 34 - 36

NO Advanced Placement (APs)
College essays (including supplemental essays)
Extra curricular activities (community service, sports, music, art, etc.)
Letters of Recomendations
Test scores (???)
Course Selection Timeline
Discuss with faculty and Coordinators
Student should schedule meetings with counselors in 11th grade ( starting in
, before that meet with teachers)
Students and parents will meet with "
point of contact
Any questions about scheduling from now until the end of semester should be directed to Mrs. Aparna.
After end of 11th grade, direct questions to your student's assigned counselor
The Indus Counseling Guide is located on our Naviance page under

Placements Naviane Log IN Family Connection

Welcome Page
Scheduling Script
Grad Check Sheet
Parents are key in monitoring grades

Support Class Programs

Contact the teacher via e-mail or phone call when concerns arise (give us at least three days notice for a meeting)

Review information with your student

Keep in touch with HS College Placements in Junior Year and senior year

They are important

Make sure to follow when they are scheduled

Talk to all your child's teachers

Make sure to talk to counselors begining of junior year (11th)
College Testing

In February 2017, all freshmen (9th graders) already took the PSATs

February 2017, all sophomores (10th graders) will retake the PSATs

Begin taking SAT and ACT in spring through June of junior year (2017)
Great to have them and helps your resume

If you are looking to getting scholarship money... it will only happen in sports that are important to the university and that you play at a high level (e.g. state or national levels)
Three Divisions: Div. I, II, III

"intramural sports" (just for fun in college)

"Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime."
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