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Informative Speech: Siberian Husky

No description

shawn farley

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of Informative Speech: Siberian Husky

The Siberian Husky is my favorite dog for a heap of reasons. "They look like wolves, have thick, soft coats that make them infinitely cuddly. They have piercing eyes, and wonderful masks that give them a roguish and unique look." -Shiba Shake
Eyes: Ice Blue, Brown, Green, Amber, Parti-colored (one eye=two colors), Bi-colored (both eyes=different colors) WARNING: They shed A LOT!
Blow their coat
Need to be brushed every other day "Huskies are happy, goofy dogs, that like to be with everyone"
-Shiba Shakes Huskies will...
run up to and lick anyone
be amazing with children
play willingly with other dogs whenever Huskies will not...
guard your house
be loyal to only you To have a husky you have to be active!
Bred to pull sleds
Play nonstop for upwards of 10 hours a day
They love long walks/runs Downfall of a Husky:
If unhappy, they will...
chew on everything
look for an "escape" Is a Siberian Husky in your future?
Need constant attention when you are with them.
Should not be away from them for extended amounts of time.
Shed a lot.
Need another dog for companionship. But... Fur: Black, White, Grey, Copper, Light Red, or a combination of White, Grey, and Black.
Have a thick, double-layered coat.
Not meant for hot areas.
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