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How does Leprosy affect the Nervous System

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Hannah Pucely

on 15 December 2014

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Transcript of How does Leprosy affect the Nervous System

Thank You!
What is Leprosy?
Leprosy is a contagious disease that affects the nervous and respiratory system. It is now mainly confined Africa and Asia.
Leprosy occurs by spreading from person to person through respiratory droplets of water. It can't be passed on by touch.
What system is affected?
Leprosy affects the Nervous system
Who Does It Affect?
Leprosy affects people of all genders and ages. More children and males have gotten leprosy than adults and females. The ages that leprosy affects is from small infants to very old elders. The youngest known case of leprosy was two and a half months.
Why does Leprosy Occur?
How does Leprosy
affect the Nervous System?

How is the system affected?
Can Leprosy Be Prevented?
If you live with people who have leprosy, it can be prevented by having examinations at a young age. These examinations would be for about 5 years. Leprosy can't always be prevented, and there is no vaccine to stop leprosy yet.
Can Leprosy Be Treated?
Leprosy can be cured overtime using multiple medications a day. You can cure leprosy by using MDT (multiple drug therapy) for six months to two years. Therapy prevents leprosy from spreading and cures the disease. Leprosy is easy to control if its treated with the right medication.
Interesting Facts
At least 3 million people have a disability from leprosy.

Every 20 minutes a child is diagnosed with leprosy.
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The system is mainly affected by Peripheral nerves, and superficial nerves. Sensory nerve damage can also occur. This unables the ability to register pain, and leaves hands and feet vunerable to burns and other injuries that can result in loss of fingers, toes, etc. Another kind of damage to the nervous system can also occur in eye nerves, and motor nerves. You can lose your ability to see, and become blind, or start various forms of paralysis.
When does Leprosy Occur?

Leprosy's incubation period is through the range fo 9 months to 20 years.
Hannah and Amy
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