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Advertising: How it hurts your health.

advertising on your mind.

Becca Wilkerson

on 20 April 2011

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Transcript of Advertising: How it hurts your health.

Click anywhere & add an idea Media & Advertising: How they affect you. -Violence
-Sex appeal
-Body image
Violence Sex Appeal Body Image Alcohol Hello Research on violence in media such as t.v, movies, music, and video games, show evidence that media violence increases the chance of agressive behaviors for long and short periods of time. Exposure:
There is a difference for long term and short term
exposures to media violence.

Short Term exposure increases chance of physical and verbal agression and violent thoughts. While long term exposure is linked to agression later in life such as physical assult and spouse abuse. Advertisers use sex appeal to sell their products. There are 5 different types that they use. Nudity/Dress: Which is the style and amount of clothes the models wear in advertisements. That means:
revealing and tight fitting clothing
lingerie & underwear
and in some cases nudity Sexual behaviors: This includes
sexual interaction such as kissing,
hugging, and intimacy Physical Attraction: This includes physical and facial beauty. In guy words this means a pretty face and a nice body. Sexual Rferences & sexual embeds:
These are pretty much the same thing. They mean things like sexual jokes or setting the mood. Anything that contributes to a sexual meaning like lights and music. Advertisers use beautiful women to advertise unhealthy foods. They use this as if to say "Hey this model eats our junk and still looks this good" The media pushes the super-skinny super-tall look on society. This in turn has girls thinking they need to look like that. They find anorexia and bullimia to be the only solution to get the super skinny look that they think is right. Advertisments for dieting pills and drinks for that "perfect body in just 2 weeks!" and plastic surgery are what people see (or hear) when they flip through magazines or turn on the radio. The media tells people that alcohol is "cool" and the solution to all of their problems. This makes teens think that since the media is saying alcohol is cool that they should drink it when they are having problems or want to have some fun. Work Cited
Dr. Tom Reichert's Sexinadvertising.com. Web. 14 Apr. 2011.

Http://www.psychologicalscience.org. Web
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