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No description

Julia Lin

on 8 June 2011

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Transcript of MMMEEEEEEE

-law reading
stuffed animals
the recorder MY HOBBIES. FOR NOW :) SCHOOL WHICH CAREER biological technician journalist lawyer IN SCHOOL i used to like... HELPING THE
COMMUNITY i want to...
work at a soup kitchen
work at habitat for humanity
work at red cross
continue teaching kids at my church
plant trees & help the environment HOBBIES I HOPE TO
TO DO: high school courses training
-university/college degree in journalism, or a related field, such as communications
-experience in reporting & producing skills required:
-oral communication
-critical thinking
-time management
-computer skills
-leadership/teamwork -english
-media studies
-be involved in yearbook high school
-english training
-2 to 3 years of undergraduate studies in law
-a bachelor's degree in a recognized law school
-successful completion of the bar examination
-licensing by the provincial law society required skills
-problem solving
-time & stress management
-hard working high school courses
-english training
-2-3 years completion of a college program related to biology, microbiology, etc
-completion of a 1-2 college program as a biological assistant
-internships at technological institutes are recommended required skills
-document use
-problem solving
-time & stress management
-communication I'd like to work at:

TORONTO STAR gr. 5 public speaking music photography design shopping english science friends at church gr. 3 spelling bee gr. 6 graduation WORK TEACHER FOR KIDS for piano STUDYING NOT PROCRASTINATING 1. go bungee jumping 2. surf a crowd 3. run a marathon 4. parasailing 5. be in two places at once 6. go to every continent in the world 7. snowboard 8. go on a roller-coaster 9. open a window during a carwash SCHOOL
-social concerns
-university applications
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