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"Good People" David Foster Wallace

English 102 2/25

Lauren Gallagher

on 25 February 2015

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Transcript of "Good People" David Foster Wallace

Lane A. Dean Jr
Why is Lane the Narrator?
How does this decision affect how the characters are portrayed?
What are his internal and external conflicts?
Are Lane's morals helping or inhibiting his decision making?
Does Lane progress morally throughout the story?
How does the characterization of Lane and Sheri change the effect of the story?

How does it compare to "Hills Like White Elephants?"
Good People
Who are "Good People" and what makes them "Good People?"
Sheri Fisher
What are Sheri's conflicts and how do they compare to Lane's?
Is Sheri a round or flat character?
Are Lane and Sheri archetype characters?
Does Lane accurately portray Sheri?
By: David Foster Wallace
life and death
moral and immoral
heaven and hell
Lane and Sheri
black and white
there is a constant theme of two choices
what do the dichotomies of the stories say about the characters and their decision making?
Minor Characters and their role in the story
What do the fisherman add to the story?

Why were they included?
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