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Who Moved My Cheese?

No description

heejae jeong

on 19 June 2014

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Transcript of Who Moved My Cheese?

10623 정희재
1. The Book
Table of contents
2. Character
-Plot Points
3. Story
5. My Opinion
The Book
* Author : Spencer Johnson
* Year of publication : 1998
*Fun Fact : The best seller for 5 years.
* Genre : novel
- Ham, Haw, Sniff, and Scurry found cheese station C in the maze.
Plot Points
- Sniff and Scurry kept finding cheese though they had enough cheese but Ham and Haw didn't.
- Ham and Haw finished eating all cheese in cheese station C.
- Haw recognized that he didn't have cheese to eat and changed his mind to find another cheese station.
- Haw found another cheese station where mice had already arrived.
In this story, cheese means "target".
Characters in this story ran, sniffed, ate and changed only for their target, cheese.
Maze is the place which made mice and little people more urgent.
My Opinion
Internal conflict in Haw's mind about change.
"We should not avoid changing."
In this story, it is safer to search in the maze, than to remain in a cheeseless situation.
In our lives, it is wiser to change and accomplish our goals, than to avoid changing because of fear.
Thank you for listening
Who Moved My Cheese?
Who Moved My Cheese?
We should not avoid changing.
Sniff and Scurry : Mice. simple brains.
The mice used simple trial-and-error method of finding cheese. They ran down one corridor, and if it proved empty, they turned and ran down another. (p.27)
Ham and Haw : Little people. complex brains.
The two little people also used their ability to think and learn from their past experiences. However, they relied on their complex brains to develop more sophisticated methods of finding cheese. (p.27)
Sniff : sniffs well.
Scurry : leads well.

Sniff would smell out the general direction of the cheese, and Scurry raced ahead. (p.27)

Ham : needs more time to change.
Haw : changes quickly.

"Why don't you just wait here with me until they put the cheese back?" (p.44)

"But now I realize they're never going to put yesterday's cheese back. It's time to find new cheese." (p.44)
No antagonist
My favorite character :
He is wise and good at dealing with change.
Favorite scene : When Ham and Haw couldn't acknowledge that there was no cheese in cheese station C, they yelled "Who moved my cheese?"

Their feelings about "No cheese" are described well.

I recommend this book to the people who are easily frightened to change.
Spencer Johnson wrote many famous books like "Yes or No", "The Present".
As things are changing, I need to change and should not fear change.
"Who moved my cheese?"
"Things are changing and they are never the same again. That's life! Life moves on. And so should we."
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