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A Land Remembered Theme Project

No description

Jasper Salzman

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of A Land Remembered Theme Project

The Survival of Tobias,
his Family and Friends A Land Remembered
By: Patrick D. Smith It all started ... When Tobias MacIvey decided to move his family from Georgia to Florida. With his Wife, Emma and their son Zechariah In 1858, They started their trek from Georgia to Florida, in Tobias's hope in moving to a place where the current war will not effect them much. Once they reached Fernandina, Tobias bought supplies and went into the woods with his family behind him, to find a place to build a home well hidden from others. After Tobias got settled the beginning two years were a bit rough for surviving. Finding enough food, making sure animals didn't eat their crops, it was very rough and angered Tobias very much. "'Them wild hogs done pushed through the fence again and got in the garden. Just look at that! Everything I planted is rooted up. and I ain't got no more seeds. Guess we'll have to eat acorns this winter right alongside the squirrels. From the looks of this mess them hogs ain't been gone from here more than a half hour. Maybe we can at least get some meat out of it. Run fetch my shotgun while I fix the fence and see if I can save anything'"(Smith,11-12). Tiger was the marshtackie that Glenda MacIvey was riding when Zech and Frog tried to brand the Brahma Bull. Glenda's and Zech's unborn daughter. Glenda had a miscarriage when a horse fell on top of her during a cattle drive. Emma was picking berries when she all the sudden she had a heart attack. The heart attack was so fatal she died from it. Tobias was too weak from the cold to fight his malaria in efforts to save his beloved orange grove. The MacIvey Clan Each member of the MacIvey clan survived through tough and or easy times they all made it through until fatal and or unbelievable accidents. Some lived through generations others not so long. There are Skillet and Pearlie Mae's kids. Also the only blood line of the MacIvey's left, on their way to joining The MacIvey Clan once again is Toby and Solomon. Tobias: During the time when Skillet, Tobias, Emma, and Zech were getting started in the cattle business, they had to worry about dangers in the wilderness. "'Mistuh Zech, when you come in tonight, be real careful befo' you lie down to sleep. And in the mornin', look real good befo' you make a sudden move. I knowed a man who slept one night on the prairie, and the next mornin' he grabbed a boot and slapped it on without lookin' first. They was a rattler in the bottom of it. His leg swelled up big as a tree trunk, and like to have died. You be real careful. Them snakes sho' love to crawl in and sleep with people'"(Smith, 85-86). Skillet: Not only do they have to worry about snakes, but also large swarms of mosquito's. Skillet and Pearlie Mae went off to go live on their own for their kids to be able to inherit some property. Tawanda died at childbirth. Her son is Toby Cypress, which is also Zech's son. Glenda died from a Brahma Bull. The Bull raged and went to Glendas horse then after the horse the Bull next rammed Glenda. Causing her stomach to be ripped apart by the horns. She soon died right after Sol killed the Bull. Her Husband is was Zech and her son Sol is also Zech's. Ishmael, Zech horse a marshtackie died because someone attacking the MacIvey's shot him dead. Frog died from the Brahma bull when he raged before he took out Glenda, the Bull rammed his horn through his leg because Frog didn't let him loose right away. Bonzo dies from malaria. Zech dies in a misfortune, while trying to cross a river in a strong storm he gets caught in the saddle and drowns. The Dogs Nip and Tuck die from being shot in an attack. The war horse Tobias used to get home and continued to use until the horse died. Lester was hired by Zech to take Frog's place since he passed away Money doesn't last long, and since Tobias was getting old the MacIvey family had to find another way of making money. Tobias wanted toi grow oranges so he decided to grow them since he can't herd cattle anymore. "'That's what the future is - oranges!'" (Smith, 217). Tobias: When men came to hunt live meat they would only take the valueable parts and leave the rest to rot. When the MacIvey family would hunt for food they couldn't bear to see unused animals because they know how hard it is to find food that isn't rotten. " Skillet dismounted and exaimined the carcuss. "All they took again was the heart and liver. They must have a powerful cravin for that kind of meat. It sho' a waste" (Smith, 229) Skillet: Herding cattle became big for the MacIvey family since prices went up and at the time any money they could get would help them. " The market price had gone up to 20 dollars per head, and Zech collected 40,000 dollars in gold doubloons"(Smith, 271). When the MacIvey family reached Fort. Brooke, they had to over come the reminisce of deadly diseases from the war. "The boom of the cannon fire was constant, and this, he was told, was to disperse germs. Malaria, typhoid fever and yellow fever had broken out in the camps, and all the smoke, fire and commotion were used to battle the diseases" (Smith, 358). When Sol got older everyone had passed on, he went to West Palm Beach to a cafe for something to drink and eat when he met the waitress Bonnie. He asked her to become his house keeper. After a couple of years he had begun to get to know her. Then one fateful day a hurricane passed by killing Bonnie. Sol had become depressed like his grandfather. Years gone by and now he is returning to the familiar cabin he once grew up in, for his final days of life. Bonnie unfortunately died in a hurricane while living with Sol.
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