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Grade 12 Art Culminating Portfolio

Vanessa Bartoli

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of Portfolio

Vanessa Bartoli,
Day of the Dead
, pencil on paper, 8"x11", 2013.
Vanessa Bartoli,
, pencil on paper, 8"x11", 2013.
Vanessa Bartoli, Spirals, oil on canvas, 12"x16", 2013.
Vanessa Bartoli,
, pencil crayon on paper, 8"x11", 2013.
Vanessa Bartoli,
Mother Earth
, Watercolor/collage on watercolor paper, 22"x30", 2013.
Vanessa Bartoli,
The Epiphone of Summer
, wire/plaster/acrylic/tissue paper mounted on wood board, 14"x14", 2013.
Vanessa Bartoli,
Intimately Beckham
, watercolor on paper, 8"x11", 2013.
Vanessa Bartoli,
In Lovely Blueness
, pencil crayon on paper, 8"x11", 2013.
Vanessa Bartoli,
, watercolor/collage on canvas, 4"x6", 2013.
Vanessa Bartoli,
Altered Book
, watercolor/collage/pencil crayon on book, 6"x8", 2013.
Title Page
For my piece called
I was inspired by Wassily Kandinsky during the expressionist time period. I was inspired by his ability to show rhythm and movement throughout his artwork. Another thing that I love about his work was the spiritual and symbolic associations of color. Which was something I really wanted to be able to capture by using bright colors with lots of movement. And of course his work was always moving towards abstraction, which I enjoyed doing because I am
not the most skilled painter. So the less
detail the better for me.
In my sketch of the green bottle I used two
color schemes. I used a analogus color scheme,
which are any 3 colors that are side by side on the
color wheel. The three I used are green, yellow-green,
and yellow. And then I used a complementary color scheme. These are any two colors that are directly opposite of eachother on the color wheel. I used green and red. I wanted the red to be more of an accent color so it would really stand out against the green. I liked how the yellow, green, and
red created this harmonious combination together. And
it also evoked a natural contrast that reminded me of
the outdoors.
For this assignment we had to create a landscape. And
because I have never been the biggest fan of painting I went to my
favorite medium of sculpture. I started off with the thumbnail and in my
original plan I just wanted a bare dead tree with no leaves. And I had also
wanted to have mosaics made of broken pieces of glass making there way up the trunk of the tree. And then I got the base made from Mr. Cole, a 14"x14" piece of wood. Next I started with a wire structure of the trunk and the branches, which I then covered in plaster wrap. I had to mold the plaster to create the groves and roots on the trunk of the tree. I wanted to make it look as real as possible so it would actually look like a tree. After that set and dried I then used many shades of green acrylic paint to color the tree. I wanted to make the entire tree green instead of having any brown so that I would look more like a willow tree (which are my favorite). Furthermore, I then got tissue paper in many different shades of green and started to make the flowers/leaves for the branches. I cut up three circular pieces of each color and then taped the pieces together to form a large rose like shape. At
first I tried to use the thin more maleable pieces of wire to attach the flowers/
leaves to the tree, but that proved to be too hard so I started to use a
glue-gun instead. Lastly I then made a little swing out of the thin
wire and popsicle sticks and hung it from one of the
This piece was very personal for me and actually
a lot harder to make than I thought it would be. The subject matter is of my cat Pongo who with much sadness my family had to put down last June. Pongo was 16 and old age was really starting to hit him hard. He could no longer even go through the simple task of walking without pain. He wouldn't eat and all night long we could hear him crying out in pain. Watching my little man wither away was the worst thing I have ever experienced in my life and I wouldn't wish it upon anyone. That's when I decided to make a memorial piece in his honor. I painted a little watercolor piece of his adorable face. Then to show his
love for the outdoors I made these little collage
flowers and used them to frame his face.
The altered book project was probably one of
my favorites this year because it was so fun and independent. It really allowed us to explore and decide what we wanted to do instead of being given parameters to follow. I think it also really helped us to find some of the things that we love individually as artists. Another thing that I really enjoyed about this book was looking through it page by page and finding words to connect the art to. I started off doing a watercolor-collage themed book so that it would have some mixed media. But then I also really wanted to sketch some figures and use the pencil crayons for shading. And I've recently discovered that I
actually love to draw full body figures.
Lora Zombie,
, watercolor, size unknown, 2011.
Lora Zombie, Swan Lake, watercolor, size unknown, 2013.
Claude Monet, Water Lilies, oil on canvas, 35"x37", 1906.
Marta Klonowska,
Kob Antelope
, shards of glass, size unknown, date unknown.
Stuart Haygarth, Optical, found glasses, 1.5m
diameter, 2007.
Sayaka Ganz, Emergence, reclaimed plastic objects, night(black) 72"x50"x17" wind(white) 63"x78"x26", 2008.
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