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Toy Story

No description

luke blakely

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Toy Story

Double click anywhere & add an idea quick summary:
Woody was the most loved toy
and then Andy's birthday came along
and he recieved a new toy named Buzz
Lightyear. Then it all changed Andy started
playing with Buzz more than Woody, letting
Woody slowly fade away and falling apart.
Woody was jealous and tricked Buzz by
telling Buzz there was a toy under the table
and when Buzz looked Woody kicked him out of the window.
Andy was going too Pizza Planet and he wanted too take
Buzz with him and could not find him so he left without
him. Woody felt bad about this so jumped out the
window to help Buzz get to the Pizza shop, luckily the
Pizza planet van was out the front and they jumped in
the back. Once inside Pizza Planet Buzz crawled into a vending
machine and was won by Syd.
Syd is a horrible boy who lives next door to Andy and
destroys toys for fun. He decided to put a fire cracker
on buzz's back and blow him up. Woody and the other toys
saw this thourgh Syds window. While this was happening Andy
was moving houses and Woody did not want ot leave Buzz
behind so other toys came up with a plan too rescue Buzz
and scare Syd so he wouldnt break anymore toys.
Buzz and Woody work together to get
ont the removilist truck eventually after
some hard work they did and Andy was happy
that he has his toys back. After all this Buzz forgived Woody
for all the trouble he made and they become best freinds. NOTE TO MRS MALLOY
i did not get to seee all of the movie
as i was at pedal vheicals so i missed
the end of it. Pizza Planet van One of Sids
mutant toys Some of Andy's
toys Buzz and Woody
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