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Copy of 1.2 Unit 24: Physical Education & the Care of Children & Young People - Structure of School PE

flip chart paper to add for school sports

paul heald

on 8 December 2015

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Transcript of Copy of 1.2 Unit 24: Physical Education & the Care of Children & Young People - Structure of School PE

How is this a reality ?
Checking for learning
1. Compulsory PE is taught between the ages:
a) 5-17
b) 4-16
c) 5-16
Structure of the National Curriculum
Education in England, Wales and Northern Ireland is structured into
Checking for learning
If you have a post it note on the bottom of your chair
Unit 24: Physical Education & the Care of Children & Young People
1. Write down one activity from the Practical session on Friday.
2. What are the key aspects to consider when delivering to key stage participants?
3. What key stage is your activity appropriate for?
Learning Outcomes
C) 5-16
2. Write down one reason for PE being a subject ?
3. Stats show that:
a) 28% of children are obese
b) 34% of children are obese
c) 32% of children are obese
a) 28% of children are obese
Physical Activity in school is related to?
-higher levels of self esteem
-lower levels of anxiety and stress

-enhanced academic performance.

Activity 2
Activity 3
Foundation Stage
Preschool-end of reception year
Key Stage 1
Years 1-2
Key Stage 2
Years 3-6
Key Stage 3
Years 7-9
Key Stage 4
Years 10-11
Age 5-7
Age 7-11
Age 11-14
Age 14-16
Physical education is a core subject at all key stages.
1 of only 5 subjects that pupils of all abilities must pursue throughout their school career.
Activity 4
Education system in Scotland also makes PE a compulsory subject
Scottish curriculum runs from ages 5-18
To be able to clarify the structure of physical education in the UK
To define the purpose of the national curriculum
To be able to define each key stage within the curriculum
Activity 4
You must create a question for the whole group to answer regarding today's lesson
Activity 3
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