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Optical Illusions

No description

Tanya Kapur

on 23 May 2014

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Transcript of Optical Illusions

Drawn To This Topic
We were drawn to this topic because it helps increase our knowledge on this tricky component. It is something that is always fun to figure out! There is a sense of accomplishment when you finally see it. It plays with your eyes and brain which sparks our curiosity. There are many interesting theories and facts behind optical illustrations. These things caused us to be drawn to this well known topic.
It helps scientists learn how the eyes and the brain function. Martinez-Conde explains," They're important tools in visual research to help us understand how visual processing works in the normal brain and also in the diseased brain. It is also evident that the brain is always trying to aid you in a survival way, it's evolving. A neurobiologist named Mark Changizi believes the bran is attempting to "see the future" when a time delay after light comes to your retina, you visualize your prediction of what it would look like. Optical illusions show how you perceive things
Relevance To Us

You may only think that optical illusions are simply pictures and other artistic displays. The truth is optical illusions are all around us. From the little things we haven't taken time to register it as an optical illusion.


"If there is enough sunlight glare on a downtown store window, you can't see what is past the window while standing outside. You can only guess what if anything is inside. Perhaps the store is filled with people and products. Perhaps the store went out of business last week and the inside is bare. When you walk up to the window and shade your eyes, the glare is removed and you see what is inside."

"Most shoppers have experienced where the color of the dress or paint or wallpaper or couch looked different when they got it home, caused by the difference in lighting between home and store. Some have thought they accidentally brought home the wrong item. Some have complained that the store intentionally used deceptive lighting."

"To read at night, you turn on the light. Though the printed words are identical in dark or light, humans can only read them in light. Without light the words disappear from human sight"
"Interesting Facts." Optical Illusions. Web. 19 May 2014.

Optical Illusions
by Tanya Kapur and Amanda Geriak
1.Optical illusions were first used as magic tricks in some areas in China.
2. There are hypnotizing illusions that help you sleep
3.Optical illusions are only seen by the way your eyes and brain process it.
4. What about 3D movies? They are considered optical illusions as well.
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