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Percy Jackson - Hero's Journey

No description

Angie Zheng

on 5 May 2015

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Transcript of Percy Jackson - Hero's Journey

Percy Jackson - Hero's Journey
The Return
The return consists of 6 sections (although all 6 may not always be used in a story, and do not have to be)
1) Refusal of the Return
2) The Magic Flight
3) Rescue from without
4) Crossing the Return Threshold
5) Master of Two Worlds
6) Freedom to live
Hero's Journey Recap
A list of all the steps of the Hero's Journey
The Departure:
The Initiation
The Initiation consists of 6 sections:
1) The road of trials
2) The meeting of the goddess
3) Woman as temptress/The temptation
4) Atonement with the father
5) Apotheosis
6) The ultimate boon
The departure consists of 5 sections:
1) The call to adventure,
2) Refusal of the call,
3) Supernatural aid,
4) Crossing of the first threshold
5) The belly of the whale.
Call to Adventure
The hero gets a call to adventure and leaves his/her mundane life
Percy receives his call from the oracle. After he was attacked by monsters, his best friend Grover (who is a satyr) and his mom took him to Camp Half-Blood, a special camp where people like Percy (demigods) could be safe. When his mom is taken by the minotaur, Percy decides to take the quest from the oracle and embrace his demigod side.
Refusal of the Call
The hero refuses out of duty, fear, obligation, etc.
Percy's first refusal was when he refused to believe that demigods were real. His second refusal was when he doubted himself on being able to handle his quest.
Supernatural Aid
When the hero accepts the journey, he/she gets help from someone who often provides additional talisman along the way.
Percy got supernatural aid from his best friend Grover (who is a satyr) and another fellow demigod, Annabeth (who is the daughter of Athena, goddess of wisdom).
Crossing of the First Threshold
The hero leaves their own world and steps into something new and different
Percy's crossing was when he literally crossed into the borders of Camp Half-Blood. Him stepping into Camp Half-Blood symbolized his stepping into the world of a demigod.
Belly of the Whale
The point of no return. The hero can't return/turn back on the journey and must keep going.
After Percy accepted the quest, then snuck out of camp, against the camp director's (Chiron's) orders, it was too late for him to refuse the quest and go back.
The Road of Trials
The Meeting of the Goddess
The Temptation
Atonement with the Father
The Ultimate Boon
A series of trials the hero goes through on his adventure(s); often times the hero will fail
The hero finds love, whether it's romantic, familial or friendship.
The temptation that threatens to make the hero forget his/her task
The Lotus Casino was the temptation that made Percy forget his quest. Being in the Lotus Casino did made it feel like no time was passing, while in reality, Zeus's deadline for his bolt was nearing. By the time Percy and his friends got out, 5 days had already passed.
The hero faces something that has ultimate power over them
The hero experiences death, either physical or spiritual and brought to a moment of rest of peace before they continue (a lot of times it has to do with water).
The hero gets what they went on the journey to get
Percy Jackson's goddess is mainly Annabeth Chase, the daughter of Athena whom he falls in love with. Percy's familial love for his mom and his friendship with Grover (and Annabeth too) is also what pushes him to keep going on his quest.
Ares, the god of war, tells Percy that there is a way for him to bring his mom back, since his mom didn't really die - she was taken by Hades before the minotaur could kill her. Ares tells Percy that he is willing to give him the information on his mom if Percy completes a small quest for him. That information has ultimate power over Percy, and he ends up taking on the war god's errand.
Percy almost died by the hand of Echidna - the mother of all monsters - and her "son", a chimera. He jumped into the Mississippi River to save himself, which symbolized him passing through the world, and being cleansed. In the Mississippi, he experienced a brief moment of peace when the water Nymph talked to him and advised him how to get help.
Refusal of the Return
The Magic Flight
Rescue from without
Crossing the Return Threshold
Master of Two Worlds
Freedom to Live
The hero decides to stay in paradise of the different world.
The hero has to escape with the boon, or escape danger.
The hero needs help from an outside source to make it.
The hero returns and figures out how to share their new wisdom and bring together their ordinary world and new world.
The hero is now competent in both worlds.
The hero lives free of the fear of death and the things they were afraid of in the beginning, so now they live free.
The Three main section are:
1) The Departure
2) The Initiation
3) The Return
The Departure
1) Call to Adventure
2) Refusal of the Call
3) Supernatural Aid
4) Crossing of the First Threshold
5) Belly of the Whale
The Initiation
6) The Road of Trials
7) The Meeting of the Goddess
8) The Temptation
9) Atonement with the Father
10) Apotheosis
11) The Ultimate Boon
The Return
12) Refusal of the Return
13)The Magic Flight
14) Rescue from without
15) Crossing the Return Threshold
16) Master of Two Worlds
17) Freedom to Live
Percy finds the lightning bolt when he goes to meet Hades (because he thought Hades was the culprit that took the bolt), and he realizes that he was tricked by Ares, who cleverly hid the bold in the backpack he gave Percy.
The Three Furies
The three furies try to take Percy when he's on the bus, but he is able to defeat them, with the help of Annabeth and Grover.
Percy was almost tricked by Medusa, but Annabeth realized who she was before it was too late, and with Grover and Annabeth's help, Percy was able to defeat her.
Echidna and the Chimera
In this episode, Percy had to face Echidna and her "son" alone, without the help of his two companions. He is bitten by the Chimera, and is no longer able to fight the two monsters, so he jumps off the building and into the Mississippi River. Though he failed in defeating the two, he was still able to survive and get help from a nymph.
Percy had to face Ares twice: once when he was forced to complete a quest for Ares in order to get information on how to save his mom, and the second time he literally had a face-off with the god of war for the lightning bolt.
The Lotus Casino
Percy has to fight off the temptation of staying in the Lotus Casino, where he will never have to worry about saving the world again, and instead, just play and rest for the rest of his life.
Percy has to escape the underworld, because Hades does not have the lightning bolt, and Hades thinks that Percy stole both the lightning bolt and the helm of darkness (Hades' symbol of power), hoping to start a war among the gods.
Percy does not necessariy agree to stay in Paradise, but he wants to stay in the Underworld so that his mom, Grover, and Annabeth can use the three pearls to escape the underworld, and escape Hades' wrath.
Percy and his companions use the three pearls to escape the underworld so that he can return the lightning bolt to Zeus, and also find Hades' helm of darkness, leaving Percy no choice but to leave his mom behind and save her later.
Percy gets help from his father, using the pearls given to him by his father to escape the underworld.
Percy tells Zeus about how Ares was the one who actually had the bolt, and he reveals all his knowledge from his journey to Zeus.
Percy has mastered the life of a demigod, and is able to juggle his demigod life with his normal life now.
Percy gets his mom back after Hades finds out that he did not steal the helm, and is able to live freely with his mom, without having to worry about a war against the gods.
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