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Matt Fiocchi, Interdisciplinary Unit Plan

Gone to the dogs


on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Matt Fiocchi, Interdisciplinary Unit Plan

Double click anywhere & add an idea LESSON 1 LESSON 2 LESSON 3 LESSON 4 LESSON 5 map courtesy of google doncha just love google?
Lesson one focuses on the geography of the Iditarod.
The kids just read a very moving book about it, and now
they're using Google Earth to take a 3D tour of the route.
I welded together a map, for comparison... In lesson two, we graph the elevation
along the course of the race.
(getting a little more perspective) Lesson three delves into the history
of the Iditarod. Students read some
general history, then do further
research of their own choosing. In lesson four we are investigating proportions, by
way of the relationship between speed and distance. And we finish by taking some very limited information
and making a rather sophisticated real-world
conjecture from it.
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