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Nikolai "White Fang" Dzhumagaliev

cold blooded crip

Christian Armijo

on 31 October 2012

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Transcript of Nikolai "White Fang" Dzhumagaliev

Metal Fang Nikolai Dzhumagaliev Modus Operandi: Dzhumagaliev would wander around town trying to find victims, usually women.
Most often, prostitutes were his victim of choice, but any unsuspecting woman was at risk.
In the dark of night he would rape, and hack the women to death with an axe and knife he kept on him.
After he would cut the bodies up, and keep some of the body as dinner.
He was known for throwing large dinner parties, at which he would serve pieces of his last kill. Defense Mechanisms: Dzhumagaliev used rationalization to defend his heinous crimes
In Dzhumagaliev's mind he was doing the world and his community a favor by murdering the prostitutes. Organized: Very intelligent
Socially competent, although he kept to himself often
All victims were strangers, most prostitutes
Had to lure the women into places where he could commit his acts.
Transported pieces and parts of the bodies. Childhood: Raised by successful, intellectual, loving parents
Didn't show any signs of a serial killer (bed wetting, cruelty to animals, arson)
Adolescence isn't attributed to what he became later in life.
No traumatizing events in childhood. Operant Conditioning: No true signs of conditioning
His hatred of women and prostitutes may have stemmed from a type of conditioning, but none have been documented. Disorganized: Suspected of post-mortem sexual activity with some of his victims.
Although he hid the bodies well, he left parts exposed in his home.
Most of his killings were half planned/ half spontaneous, as he lured random prostitutes/women into his trap. Appearance: Was known to others as a clean shaven, neatly dressed and well spoken man.
Some thought him strange, but did not suspect him of killings.
Was not trying to make a statement or garner attention from murders, humble.
Only striking physical characteristic was his white metal teeth.
Most of his teeth were knocked out as a young man.
Came to new village after being convicted of manslaughter, but no one knew. Id, Ego, and Super Ego: Id, like most serial killers is most present in the case of Dzhumagaliev, as he was doing things out of his own personal views and to pleasure himself.
Ego was also developed though, as Dzhumagaliev was able to function in society and in the fact that he thought that he was helping society. Killing Spree: Killing spree began in the late 1970's after Dzhumagaliev moved to a new village.
After his second kill the authorities began to set out alarm.
He was able to still kill successfully, but authorities caught on after he began throwing dinner parties to serve his kills.
Caught in 1981. Capture: Caught in 1981 after two drunks he had invited in for "snacks" found a severed head and intestines in his fridge.
He was committed to a Tashkent mental institution after being deemed insane.
Convicted of 7 murders of women.
Admitted to between 50-100 murders. Escape/Recapture: Escaped in 1989 during transport from one institution to another.
Lived on the run for two years.
Kazakhstan did not release this information to the public out of fear of nationwide panic.
Recaptured in 1991 and jailed. Release: After serving 10 year sentence Dzhumagaliev was released and permitted to live with relatives in Eastern Europe.
He is allowed to walk the streets freely.
Current whereabouts are unknown. Impact on Society: He struck fear in Kazakhstan for a short while
Possibly Kazakhstan's most infamous serial killer. End. Warning next picture is hella graphic. Signature: Dzhumagaliev's trademark sign of attack was the dismemberment and consumption of the body.
He was also reported to have sexual activity with some of his victims.
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