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Cory Kinkade

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of Motivators

Career Possibilities

My Motivators
I think this would be a difficult major for me because I am not creative enough for it
This would fall into the influencing others category for motivations
Finance-Real Estate
I think this major would fit me well because it falls into managing people. Also I would be able to influence others.
I would like this because trying to sale real estate would be a challenge.
Economic Consulting
I think this would be an interesting career because it combines many subjects into one
This doesn't fit in well with my motivators but it sill seems interesting to me
Managing People and Teams
Coaching and Mentoring
Key Take-Aways
I found out that I really like to influence others
I found it surprising how much I like challenges
I hope to learn more about actuary during the interviews with upper-class men
I think the job of an actuary seems very interesting and fun
Enterprise Control
Managing People and Teams
Coaching and Mentoring
Enterprise Control
to be in charge
to have influence over
Managing and Me
I need to be in control (this is good and bad)
Little details don't get along with me
I like to be influential
Overall, I would agree for the most part
Main issue: I don't think I would be good with the everyday details
to prompt or urge with instruction
to train or instruct
My Definition
to help someone reach their full potential
not only in workspace but in all aspects of life
I love helping people become better in an area of weakness
I agree with his motivator with one exception
I need to be interested in the particular field
Market Research Anaylsis
The number of jobs for this field is increasing at 41% which is extremely fast
Kelley Portfolio Management Club is a a group of students who research ideas for the market
I don't think this would be a job for me because I would get bored with the research aspect
Use mathematical equations to make predictions about the market
This could be a fun job because I love numbers and equations
There is a Statistics Club at IU that would give me good experience with stats
I could join the Real Estate Club, and Finance Club
According to businessweek.com Kelley's top is finance and 93% of graduates get job offers
Career Options
Real Estate Salesperson:
I think this could be a fun career because it would be a challenge to sell people on certain homes
According to Bureau of Labor Stats the employment projection for 2020 is roughly 515,000
Median pay is about 40,000 dollars
This involves using math to forcast the market and trying to understand the past trends
This occupational field is not growing much only 9%
The Kelley School of Business requires students who are majoring in economy to take critical thinking and market analysis classes
This would be a good fit because I have control and influence over people
The median pay is almost 90,000 dollars a year
The Student Accounting Society would be a good club to join because accounting and actuaries are similar
Enterprise Conrtol
leading project teams
involved in all aspects of business
take charge of important decsions
I think this is a good fit for me
I like to initiate projects and then allow others to carry them out
I love being a leader
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
KSB Majors
create financial records of business transactions
also develops critical thinking skills
Public Policy Analysis
effects government policies has on businesses
able to think big picture
Technology Management
managing everyday situations while creating ways to integrate new technology into the business
Information and Process Management
involves using computer programing to interpret data
combination of creative and analytical ways to sell the brand to the consumer
Legal Studies
studying the legal issues mainly involving contact, liability, personnel, and tax law
Economic Consulting
an expert at understanding economic cycles
great at analytics
basics of all business skills required to start a small company
able to know a little of every basic business field
Finance-Real Estate
able to access the value of land
great at understanding the value of something
in charge of a section of business
includes being able to organize and develop business strategies
Operations Management
looking at business in a way to make it more efficient
International Business
going across cultural and geographical boundaries to create a business
Career Options
Real Estate Appraiser
the number of jobs is expected to grow at 7% which is slower than most
I think this would be a fun career because it deals with real life numbers
Public Policy Analysis
This could be a good fit because I would have some control
I think this could be interesting because you have to view the big picture
Political Scientist
They research political ideas and governmental systems
I would not like this job because political topics don't interest me
The department of Political Sciences has a program called The Political and Civic Engagement Program or PACE which would be great to be apart of
This would be an interesting job but I don't think it would fit me
Electing officials to run for office doesn't seem fun to me
Like political science the program called PACE would be beneficial for those going into this career
Legal Studies
I think this is a good fit for me because I would have influence over people along wih control
Legal Studies would be interesting too
Lawyers represent clients in the court of law
The performance in the courts would be fun but all the behind the scneces work would not be interesting
There is a Debate Team at IU that is great practice for speaking during the case hearings
This would fit me well because I would have a lot of control and influence
The downside is that it could become boring for long stretches of time
In the Maurer Law School there are competitions that would begin to hone the skills needed to to a legal studies major
2 Year Academic Plan
Accounting Major for Actuary
Freshman Fall Semester
Freshman Spring Semester
Sophomore Fall Semester
Sophomore Spring Semester
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