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The Cat Congregation

No description

Gustav Carlson

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of The Cat Congregation

by Gustav Carlson Now ya see. One night
I had been out getting my
drink arm strong. After a little bit of boozing
I decided to make my trek home. On my way home, I see my little kitty dart past me! SO I call out to her! "SASSAFRASS!
WHERE YA GOING KITTY?" But my lil' kitty went off and ran from me! But my lil' kitty went off and ran from me! So of course I chase after her! After a bit of a chase,
I see the damndest thing After a bit of a chase,
I see the damndest thing A CAT CONGREGATION! In awe I spied the sermon. ...until one kitty spotted me. "hey you,
person thing!" "tell any felines ya see
on yer way home that
is no more." Now, despite the fact
this had been a talking
cat, he proved to be
polite as I can get out. ...probably more so than a lot of folks I know... So I tipped my hat to him... ...and make my way home. Naturally, I inform every cat
I come across of the fate of
old KITTY ROLLINS. everyone
of 'em gives out a kitty tear,
and thanks me for tellin em. cats are right fine folks
if you were to ask me. THE END adapted from
found in
"The Cat King" OZARK GHOST STORIES collected and edited by
RICHARD and JUDY DOCKREY YOUNG view more SOUTHERN COMFORT stories at http://www.sococomic.com
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