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Hop's Bistro

No description

Tom Gray

on 2 December 2010

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Transcript of Hop's Bistro


Jessica Pena- Marketing and Sales Coordinator
Tom Gray - Brewery Manager
Mario Ramos - Restaurant Manager
Jacci Jackson - Service Manager

Mission Statement At Hop's Bistro, we are committed to delivering local, great tasting hand-crafted beer, delicious American Contemporary fare, and upscale quality service to our customers. We will ensure that our beer selections and menu items meet the highest standards of quality, freshness, and seasonality. We will strive to have every customer who walks into our establishment leave impressed and excited to return. Hop's Bistro will guarantee a friendly, inclusive, and rewarding atmosphere to our staff members and stakeholders. We aim to be a contributing member to the San Antonio community while delivering profitable growth for our investors. Hop's Bistro is choosing an area between downtown SA and the UTSA 1604 campus, near the Medical center that way we can attract the median of customers that will essentially be a major part of Hop's Bistro.In a soon to be high volume area, Hop's Bistro will surely be ready for the Alamo city. Location To provide the highest quality hand-crafted beers and American contemporary fare while regulating food and labor costs for profit maximization.

To market our beer product locally and eventually regionally

To realize a 8 - 10% increase in sales every year for specialty or seasonal brews and menu selections

To establish a profitable venue by providing services for private functions and catering events

To realize a reasonable gross net profit by the end of year two

To aggressively repay debt from original financing with consistency and on time Business Objectives Craft Beer Industry • Craft brewery retail dollar value in 2009 was an estimated $6.98 billion, up from $6.32 billion in 2008.

• 1,595 breweries operated for some or all of 2009, the highest total since before Prohibition.

• Craft brewers currently provide an estimated 100,000 jobs in the U.S., including serving staff in brewpubs.

Source: http://www.brewersassociation.org/pages/business-tools/craft-brewing-statistics/facts Restuarant Industry • $2,698: The average household expenditure for food away from home in 2008.

• Eating-and-drinking places are mostly small businesses. Ninety-one percent have fewer than 50 employees.

• More than seven of 10 consumers eating- and drinking- place establishments are single-unit operations.

source: http://www.restaurant.org/research/facts/ Age:
We have chosen legal drinking age to market to because although Hop's Bistro is not a bar per se, the central theme to our restaurant is the craft beers we serve.

Due to the quality of the food we serve, our cost of goods sold will be higher therefore our prices will be higher. Marketing our restaurant to people with a middle class and above income is necessary to turn a profit.

Lifestyle: Hop's Bistro will be a fun, unique experience. Ideally people will consider it a 'hole in the wall place' that they can't wait to show their friends. We envision couples enjoying dates or anniversary's here. Groups of friends going out for a birthday dinner.

Most of our customer base will be local San Antonians who feel that Hop's Bistro is a part of their cities culture. However, our restaurant will also appeal to tourists who might not have another opportunity to visit San Antonio and visit its landmarks.

Beer Enthusiasts:
This is a growing market in the United States. More and more college to middle aged consumers specifically males consider craft beer and brewing to be a hobby or passion. Target Market Competition VS. Atomar Bar & Lounge
Bananas Billard Bar
Broadway 50/50
Chuy's 281

Milestones 1. Innovation of Company: Consists of a partnership of 4 persons.

2. Financial Planning: Company forecast of all purchases necessary in order to create the company.

3. Purchasing Equipment: Total expenses and assets will be financed via long-term debt, business line of credit and two private investors.

4. Hiring Process: handled initially by each individual department.

5. Advertising / Promotion: Will be completed by Jessica Pena, who is in charge of marketing and sales

6. Industry/ Soft Opening: All 4 partners are responsible of ensuring that each department is working together, functioning smoothly and effeciently 7. Mock Dinner: All 4 partners are responsible of ensuring that each department is working together, functioning smoothly and efficiently

8. Grand Opening: All 4 partners are responsible of ensuring that each department is working together, functioning smoothly and efficiently

9. Follow up one month after opening: An outside inspector will be brought into the restaurant to make sure that all elements of the business and restaurant are being handled efficiently and effectively.

10. Implement changes: Once the inspector returns with results, the proper actions will take place regarding changes and implementation. Financial Figures Financial Plan Hop's Bistro plans to grow 10% every year with the 3rd year being most profitable. We intend to finance via loans and two private investors. Total expenses and assets will be financed through long-term debt. Hops Bistro will secure a ten year loan with an interest rate of 7%. As part of our capital structure management Hops Bistro has negotiated modification feature on long term debt. The initial funding will facilitate the purchase of equipment, inventory and furniture. Overall, the funding will provide the footing needed to ensure a successful opening and future needs. Questions?
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