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cyber forensics

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bava jan

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of cyber forensics

CYBER FORENSICS What is forensics ? HISTORY OF CYBER FORENSICS It is the art and science of gathering evidence form the crime scene and producing the results which can be accepted in the court of law. HISTORY OF CYBER FORENSICS 1980 - The field of Computer Forensics Began 1988 - Meeting held in Oregon led to the formation of "IACIS" (International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists) What is Cyber forensics ? It is an art and science of capturing, processing, analyzing the information from the computers to bring out the evidence which can be accepted in the court of law. Michael Anderson - Father of Computer Forensics Founder for a leading Computer forensics firm named "New Technologies INC" 1984 - "Magnetic Media Program" which is now knows as 'CART'(Computer Analysis Response Team) was found 1993 - First conference held on collecting the evidence form computers 1995 - "IOCE" International Organization for Computer Evidence was established 1999 - 17 terabytes of data was analyzed by FBI's 'CART' team 2003 - Same team analyzed 782 terabytes of data CLASSIFICATION OF CYBER FORENSICS Cyber forensics have many branches in which some of the branches are :- -> Disk forensics

-> Network forensics

-> Database forensics

-> Mobile forensics

-> e-mail forensics

-> Malware forensics etc DISK FORENSICS Deals with extracting from storage media by searching active, deleted, unallocated and slack space etc NETWORK FORENSICS DATABASE FORENSICS Related to forensics study of database and their related meta data. Related to monitoring and analysis of network traffic for the purpose of information gathering, legal evidence and intrusion detection. MALWARE FORENSICS Deals with investigating and analyzing malicious code for identification of malware like virus, worms, trojans and keylogger's to study their payload. MOBILE FORENSICS Deals with examining and analyzing the mobile phones, pagers etc to retrieve address book, call logs, paired device history, incoming/outgoing SMS/MMS, video, photos, audios etc.
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