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Market Day Business Proposal

No description

Alexa Rios

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of Market Day Business Proposal

Finance OPERATIONS Marketing Mission/Vision Statement
Board of Directors
Operational Aspects
Marketing Aspects
Financial Aspects Why do you wanna buy a Polaroid today? The rare quality it produces is pretty rad, you can hardly even buy these cameras in stores anymore, wouldn't you like a cool vintage photo of yourself right now in some goofy get up? The Product How will customers know what we sell? Our techniques are the word of mouth, social media, and a mobile photographer around campus could get photos sold quickly. U MAD BRO? ¨Market: Customers will be Desert Vista High School Students and faculty

¨Demographics: Teenagers 14-18; Male and Female, all incomes.

¨Psychographics: amusing people that want to make memories.

¨ Target Market: hipster Teens. Our Target The Difference Polaroid Camera
Polaroid film
Sharpies and other decorating tools
Digital Camera
Booth (banner, table, etc.) Material List Board of Directors Our Polaroid Photo-Booth business provides on the spot vintage photographs to create memories to last. Service Description Polaroid Photo-booth U.S.S Success We plan to sell to at least 150 people

150X$1=$150 income Income from sales: OVERVIEW: Mission Statement President: Karlee Tumbleson Vision Statement President:Karlee Tumbleson T-MAK: Provide a vintage photographic solution on site in a great teen atmosphere, and capture high school memories for a lifetime. A successful product is a successful business President: Karlee Tumbleson
Head administrators
Vice President of Operations: Morisha Daniely
Responsible for the product's shipment and selling (Helping Photographer)
Vice President of Marketing: Thomas Kowalski
Liable for the advertising the product and selling at the booth (Leading Photographer)
Vice President of Finance: Alexa Rios
Handling all company's money and financial issues "Product Aspects" Vice President of Operations: Morisha Daniely We offer the opportunity to enjoy professional photos with peers for your own personal use.
Our company provides a Polaroid camera, film, props, materials to decorate photos, and internet access (if you want a digital photo to put online). Definitely enough to supply an entertaining experience! Materials Cont. Vice President of Operations: Morisha Daniely Vice President of Operations: Morisha Daniely We will need these materials to help business for our photo-booth because, the film will be needed for the Polaroid camera, the sharpies will be used by our customers to decorate their Polaroid photo the computer/tablet will be used in order to put digital photos onto Instagram or Facebook, and customers will be shot !!! “Financial Aspects” “Marketing Aspects” We chose our product because of our group's

creative talents. The obvious unique use of

vintage Polaroid photos also leaves our

customers with memories to remember. This

also gives our customers immediate access to

their photos. Our product is different then a normal photo-booth or any other sort of solution out there because it provides instant gratification compared to waiting for photos to be emailed. Product Presentation Our product is supported by a professional photographer. Some of his work: Vice President of Marketing: Thomas Kowalski Vice President of Marketing: Thomas Kowalski We will also have flyers all over campus, TV spot on announcements sacrifice a few polaroids to set an example. Booth Set-up We will have set photo examples -provided by our photographer- on the table, with a banner setup props and backgrounds and we can go mobile around campus as well. A laptop will be set up on the side for people to upload their digital images. Competition For competition, if any, our vintage approach separates us from the rest. Our photographers have experience in the field. We will have someone monitor the computers at all times in order to assist any customers if needed and provide wonderful service. Vice President of Marketing: Thomas Kowalski T-MAK T-MAK T-MAK T-MAK T-MAK T-MAK Why this product? ANY QUESTIONS? These are examples of some shots we will provide: This is a unique product that is hard to beat. Polaroid is a type of photography that is depleting. Help us make this vintage photography a success! A BIG THANKS TO... A BIG THANKS TO... Our Vice President of Finance, Alexa Rios, for her calculations of profit and sales.

Our Vice President of Marketing, Thomas Kowalski, for allowing us to use his talent

Our Vice President of Operations, Morisha Daniely, for creating this presentation And... YOU Our Budget Our budget is $120

We plan to spend $105

Set up ……………..$5

Materials cost…………..$100

Advertisements……….free Pricing Strategy Rental fee…..…$5

Polaroid pictures ……..$100

Total: $105

Selling one Polaroid picture for $1 or a digital picture for .75 cents.

Affordable price; anyone can supply $1 for a Polaroid picture or .75 cents for a great quality picture. ROI Project total income: $100

Product price: $1

Total investment: $120

Total expenses: $105

Total profit: $45

Invest $120 and sell $1 for a Polaroid picture or .75 cents for a digital picture


___$_105___ = 105 customers


Break even if 150 customers bought one Polaroid picture



___$105___ = 140


Break even of 140 customers bought one digital picture

Income from sales:

Plan to sell to at least 105 people

105X $1=$105 income Break Even and Profit

Operating cost: $5

Rental cost: $5

Material cost: $100

Need over 105 customers for a profit Chat Vice President of Finance: Alexa Rios Vice President of Finance: Alexa Rios Vice President of Finance: Alexa Rios
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