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The Power Loom

No description

Aaron Gabriel

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of The Power Loom

The Power Loom
By: Aaron Gabriel

Edmund Catwright created the power loom in 1785
It was powered by water, which made it faster and more efficient
His invention help speed up the weaving process and was essential to textile and factory work
The power loom changed many peoples lives.
It incorporated things like the spinning frame and yarn, so that the production of cloth goods were easily made.
The pricing of cloth and clothing dropped significantly, making it more affordable to the public.

Power Loom
Edmund Catwright's power loom proved revolutionary during the industrial revolution.
It was powered by water from nearby streams, meaning it was efficient and easy to use while making cloth.
It was basically just a smaller and easier to use version of the water frame.
It solved the problem of unemployment. Skilled workers weren't necessary, meaning that the unskilled workers could be employed in the factories and mills
Also the power loom increased a lot of home based industries, until it was too relegated to factories.

Additional Inventions
The water frame was an important invention that made the power loom so successful. It incorporated all the same qualities, but was often seen as too large. The power loom simply was a smaller model that was more efficient in the workspace.
Faster and more efficient than regular weaving
Reduced the need for skilled workers because it was so easy to operate
Factories and mills thrived, as they discovered the new found wealth of the textile industry.
Many women lost their jobs and forced to work in factories.
Women and children were employed, changing the way families operate.
Many hand-weavers lost their jobs.
To what extent does innovation and technology create a better world?
Innovation and technology create a simpler and more efficient way for people to work. It allowed the workers to become employed, which decreased the high levels of unemployment.
It created a world more manageable for others

The cotton gin benefited greatly
There was a higher demand for cotton.
people began weaving more and making more clothing using the power loom and the cotton gin.
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What problem did your invention solve?
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