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Physical Therapist

No description

Meghan Guinee

on 20 January 2015

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Transcript of Physical Therapist

Physical Therapist
Definition: A health care professional that creates and executes a rehabilitation plan for patients who have sustained an injury.
Doctorate of Physical Therapy
Step 1: Evaluate...
their patient’s injury
measure their strength
range of motion
pain level
motor functions
Average: $80,000
Amputee Clinic
All patients are military, only in special situations do civilians get treatment at Walter Reed's Amputee clinic.
Walter Reed is the Top Physical Therapy Clinic for Amputee
Physical Therapist
Dr. Kelly McGaughey got her bachelors degree at Virginia Tech and then went to Shenandoah University for Doctorate of Physical Therapy
Kelly McGaughey DPT
What do they do?
Step 2: Create a recovery plan.

Step 3: Plans usually consist of...
manual therapy
neuromuscular reeducation
therapeutic exercises
therapeutic activities
gate training
Therapists have access to new and improved machines and devices
Ultra G
Running legs
Artificial limbs
Physical Therapists salaries can range from $55,500 to $112,00 all due to the location of the practice and what kind of patients they see.
For example, Patrick Downes and Jessica Kensky Downes
Prostheses and crutches
Average Work Day
6:30am- 4:30pm
8-12 patients a day, sometimes working with two at a time.
Patients military personnel who have an amputated limb(s), or a special case.
Consults with the orthopedic surgeons
Dr. Kelly McGaughey
Best thing about being a Physical Therapist
Being a part of helping patients learn how to live their lives again.
Watch patients progress and get better
The good days far out way the bad.

Interview Questions
Why did you choose this field?
I’ve always wanted to be a Physical Therapist, even as a kid.
I was the daughter of a service man and I think that pointed me toward the amputee clinic.
What is the most challenging aspect of your job?
Same patients 5 times a week for a year or more

Hard to motive patients who don't want to be there
Walter Reed’s Amputee Clinic is the best in the nation there are a lot of important people watching me, like the president and other politicians. This adds a little bit of pressure to the job.
Some patients also have PTSD, post traumatic stress disorder
Common misconceptions?
People think of Physical Therapists as
message therapists
personal trainers
Patients think they won’t have to work hard
work hard
Students have to really know that this is what they want to do
What types of technology do you use in your field?
Ultra G treadmill
Running legs- Flex legs
Best Amputee Clinic in the nation = New equipment and machines as they are being developed
Advantages and disadvantages of working with your associate practice?
Walter Reed is truly the best in the nation giving us the best tools and technologies to enhance the patient’s rehabilitation
Disadvantage- Added pressure
Ski trip
out to Colorado for a week with the patients and work with them there. Which is great for a change of atmosphere.
with the patients and coordinate other activities in which we can help shape the lives of amputees as they learn to do things for the first time all over again.
Other Advantages
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