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Tools and equipment budget

Learners View

Lewis Kissoon

on 8 December 2017

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Transcript of Tools and equipment budget

Tools and their uses
You have a budget of £499.99
Task 1

Tools 3
Air Tools
Lifting Tools
Tools and Equipment
Lesson aims and objectives
1, To be able to understand the importance and price of tools
Specialist Tools
Open end spanner
combination spanner
Crank neck spanner
Socket set
6 point socket
12 point socket
copperhide hammer
Rubber hammer
Ball pein hammer
Lump hammer
T handle
Torx set
Flat blade screwdriver
Philips screwdriver
Allen keys
Breaker bar
Feeler gauge
Mole/vise grips
Circlip pliers
Long nose pliers
Sidecutter pliers
Combination pliers
Waste oil drainer
Torque wrench
Air blower
Pneumatic gun
Air saw
Tyre inflater
Air drill
Air line/hose
Trolley jack
Axle stand
Wheel brace
Vernier calliper
Produce a PowerPoint presentation

This must include website, image of tool and the price
Try to think of the quailty of the tools

Things to consider
Is it better to buy a set ?
Is cheap cheerful the best way
Sacrifice on price for other items
Dont buy off eBay or amazon
Team 1
Keep a track of products you have bought along the way
Team 2
You won the lottery ,you have an unlimited amount of money £££
Go Crazy !
Team 3
Budget of £1000 but you need a toolbox to place it in
Keep an eye on your budget
Size must range from 6mm to 32mm
Look for winter offers
Minimum 3/8 ratchet
Record is £1.5 Million
If buying from America don't forget to work out the exchange rate
Do you need to add VAT on, what is VAT?
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