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Skink: No Surrender

No description

julian weremchuk

on 12 August 2015

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Transcript of Skink: No Surrender

Skink: No Surrender
By: Carl Hiaasen

Main Charaters

The Main Characters of this book are Malley, Skink(Clinton Tyree), Richard, Richard's Mom, and Talbo Chock(Tommy Chalmers)
Minor Characters
The minor Character of this book are Trent, Malley's parents, Beth, and Mr. Tile
In the beginning, Richard walks on the beach waiting for his cousin Malley. However she does not show up. Instead he comes across a man hiding in a turtle nest trying to catch a poacher. Richard goes home and finds out his cousin went to a boarding school, however after reading a note in her drawer, he finds out his cousin ran away with someone she met online. Malley's parent call the police and file an amber alert.
Next, Richard tries to find the strange man who he figured out used to be a governor hoping he can help him find Malley. He agrees to help, and they start to travel around Florida using clues Malley had given them on the phone. But one distinct clue had given it away. Malley had told them she saw a ivorybill wood pecker which led them right to it.
Skink left Richard at their camp and told him he'd be right back. He was not so Richard went on without him. He hitched a ride on a boat until he found a house boat. Malley and the person she'd met online( Tommy Chalmers) we're in there Richard tried to get Malley out but Tommy was too stubborn.

The Setting of this book is in Florida
They Also travel to the Choctawhatchee River.
Tommy Chalmers tried to escape on a canoe but ended up falling in the river and eaten by an alligator, Richard and Malley go home safetly and everything is all right
The Main Protagonist is Richard as he went to save Malley and succeeded even without Skink
The Antagonist
The Antagonist is Tommy Chalmers as he kidnapped Malley was wanted by the police
Time Period
This book takes place in modern day society when it was made in 2014
End part 2
Tommy caught some catfish for dinner but ended up getting stabbed, and getting and infected cut. At that point Skink showed up at the boat, and They broke out into a fight causing the boat to drift down the river. After that, they all got seperated in the storm, but eventually caught caught up with each other.
The main conflict of the book is that Malley got kidnapped as the whole book is about finding her.
I would recommend this book as it combines facts such as how the ivory-billed woodpecker is extinct, with a story. It also does a good job of drawing the reader in. It has consistent excitment throughout the book, and still had suspence which made you keep reading.
About the book
The book was published on September 23, 2014

It has 288 Pages

Written by: Carl Hiaasen.

Category: Young Adult and Suspence

Cool Facts
1. Skink was not the real governor of Florida,
Although he has appeared in many of Carl Hiaasens' books.

2. The ivory-billed hummingbird became extinct in 1986

3. All Carl Hiaasens' books taken place in Florida
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