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Social Media Marketing Strategy

No description

Sabrina Fruehauf

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of Social Media Marketing Strategy

Jessica Vician, Nicole Anaejionu, Sabrina Fruehauf, Joyce Dong, Casey Cordova
March 12th, 2013

Delivered to your digital doorstep
The Campaign
Delivered to your digital doorstep
A social media marketing strategy for the Chicago Tribune
Sample Social Media Calendar
Customization: Personal Post on front page of website allows you to customize the stories you want to see
Excellent SEO
Shows what is trending on the Social Reader
High SoMe Activity (2 FB posts per hour)
all free content, no restrictions
Washington Post
Huge variety of microblogs (50+)
High Social Media Activity (most followers)
Creative use of multimedia (photo essays)
10 free articles a month
“All Digital Access” subscription allows a customer to share digital access with one family member  great incentive
New York Times
Research Objective

Social Media Marketing Plan based on
- Survey Results
- Competitive Environment

Sample Social Media Calendar

Program Success Tracking
Delivered to your Digital Doorstep
A social media marketing strategy for the Chicago Tribune
Need for a smartphone app (97% of millennials own one, 24% of them like using it to browse information)
Introduce sponsored banner ads on facebook like WSJ “the news you want.anytime.anywhere.3 months for 1.”
-why does the Tribune’s FB page only show an offering to sign up for its print edition and not digital????
Recommendations (II)
Excellent SEO and simple sign-up process
ITunes Store has its own WSJ offering page
High visibility: Latest offering on WSJ front page:
“subscribe now and get 3 months for the price of 1”
Facebook paid ads:
WSJ offers icon on front page leads viewers to a nice & simple popup: WSJ digital subscription “Anytime, Anywhere, any device” → free trial for 4 weeks
99% on front page is locked, limited visibility to tease
no subscription needed
Plays toward the younger demographic  with Huff content, journalists, bloggers, and headlines
High social media activity
Customization: after creating account, user is offered options for daily news updates in select categories
Huffington Post
free for the first four weeks
Sharing content on social media platform arouses followers’ reading interest, more easy to lead non-member to be a LAtimes member
Customized newsletter free to all, with providing only zip code
mobile app
LA Times
“How can we incentivize millennials to subscribe for digitalPlus/digitalLite in an era when most editorial content can be found for free somewhere online?”
Research Objective
"Have it Your Way"

- Survey Results

- Washington Post “Personal Post”

- LinkedIn Today, Flipboard, Prismatic

- Facebook's new coup: “digital newspaper filled with compelling information tailored for each user.”
Facebook App
Current Event Trivia App
Build GenTrib Awareness
Access User Information for Social Listening
Chicago Now
Create Original Content
Enhance & Refresh Campaign
Reach Blog-Reading Millennials
After 5 free premium contents, banner pop up to ask to subscribe Digital Plus
Limit Visibility
Millennials spend about an hour per day on public transportation
Prefer reading news and books
Need for a Chicago Tribune Mobile App
- 97% of millennials own a smart phone; 24% of them prefer using it to browse information
- 57% of millennials access news from digital device everyday
- Millennials ranked as the most attractive service
Desired News Contents
- Millennials ranked those as top 2 the most attractive services
Chicago Tribune Mobile App
Funneling visitors finally to be digitalPlus subscribers constantly arousing reading interest
Limit contents visibility to non-subscribers, breaking news only
digitalLite access to 5 free exclusive contents per month
Limit visibility for exclusive contents after free access, establishing a visibility banner asking to pay for digitalPlus

Send out exclusive content on social media pages, triggering more digitalLite subscriptions
Encourage digitalPlus subscribers to share a certain amount of contents by providing lower subscription price
Exclusive content only shows the first paragraph with "read more" link at bottom
Limit Visibility
Customize contents: reach the desired news upfront
Photo gallery and video station: easy to view the news through photos and videos
Favorite Star: easy to save favorite news topics for future retrieval
Easy sharing: share content on Facebook page or tweet the article with only one click
- 74% of millennials click on an interesting topic via social
Off-line support: daily contents download automatically. Not a problem to access the contents without a connection
Chicago Tribune Mobile App
Program Success Tracking Deliverable
Program Success Tracking
Program Success Tracking
"Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted." -Albert Einstein
Limit Visibility
Facebook Followers
Mobile app Users
Non-Tribune Readers
Twitter Followers
New Mobile Platform
Ongoing Tweets from @GenTrib to increase reach
GenTrib Facebook page
& Sponsored Stories
Drive key influencer coverage to increase reader profile
Personalized Customized Website
GenTrib Marketing Support
41% own a smartphone
36% own a tablet
37% use the internet & social media sites in spare time
Of the social media sites visited most frequently
* 43% - Facebook
* 43% - Twitter
Chicago Usage amongst Millennials
(ages 19 – 30)
Thank You

Create @GenTrib Twitter Page

Promoted Accounts
Promoted Tweets
Promoted Trends

Stay Connected Through
Social Listing
Gen Trib
Delivered to your digital doorstep

Create Gen Trib Facebook Page

Sponsored Stories
Facebook Ads

Stay Connected
and Engage Audience
Sample Social Media Calendar
Team A
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