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No description

Annie Li

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of explorers

Explorers: Sylvia Alice Earle by Annie Why did Sylvia Alice Earle become so interested in underwater explorations? Sylvia Alice Earle became so interested in underwater explorations because her parents encouraged her love in nature and her interest in biolgy. She became more interested in underwater explorations when she got invited on a 6-week voyage to the Indian Ocean on the vessel Anton Bruun. Fun Facts: How did Sylvia Alice Earle
navagate while she was
underwater? Sylvia Alice Earle navagated
underwater by a underwater compass
and planning a route. She could have also tried
following reefs and kelp borders and looking at terrain types. What did Sylvia Alice Earle need to do in order to become an underwater explorer? Sylvia Alice Earle earned her
doctoral degree (Ph.D). She also went on many expeditions for her doctoral reasearch.
What new things did Sylvia Alice Earle discover while she was underwater? What was she famous for discovering? Sylvia Alice Earle discovered a rare fish that has a glowing spot under each eye, and the fish is called Photoblepharaon. She discovered a lagoon graveyard of suken Japanese World War 2 ships.
She also discovered phemonena including sand dunes in the Atlantic Ocean hihi What dangers did Sylvia Alice Earle face while she was underwater? What did she do to overcome them? What did Sylvia Alice accomlish?
What were the consequenes of her explorations? this is Sylvia Alice Earle(dr.Earle) Sylvia Alice Earle accomlished diving down to 1250 feet.
going down 1km(record)
has led more than 400 expeditions
logged more than 6000hr underwater
aquanaut who lived underwater for 2 weeks
is in national women's hall of fame
There are creatures such as sharks, crocdilles, eels and sea snakes. She could also get lost if she didn't navagate. There are always ocean currents that could sweep her away. born in New Jersey, U.S.A.
nicknamed "Her Deepness"
married two times
has three children
Earned her doctoral degree (Ph.D.) in Duke university
Sylvia Alice Earle showed how underwater explorations are important by finding many discoveries underwater. Also I think that she would have seen many exciting things underwater. The consequences: This is Sylvia Earle by the ocean This is a sketch of Sylvia Alice Earle. Timeline: Aug.30 1935, born in Gibbstown, New Jersey 1948-Moved to Florida- had even more opportunity to learn about the oceans 1964-Went on a 6-week voyage to the Indian Ocean 1970-Moved to Califorina-got involed in the Tekite project 1979-made a 1250 feet dive into the deep ocean using a "Jim Suit" 1981-started a new corporation, Deep Ocean Engineering 1988-used the Deep Rover-a submersible vehicle to examine Crater Lake in Oregon over the course of her career-has logged more than 6,000 hours underwater bibliography:
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