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the fear in lord of the flies

No description

amber gassel

on 25 May 2011

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Transcript of the fear in lord of the flies

Lord of the flies is about a group of boys who are stranded on a tropical island in the pacific due to a plane crash. They have no adult supervision and at first find that they can do whatever they want and have the freedom they have always wanted. But as the boys continue to be stranded they go from civilized to savage in a matter of time. Lord of the Flies has many themes and one of the major themes in the book is fear. William Golding expresses this theme in the book many times. Lord of the Flies
By: William Golding when the boys first arrive on the island they think that its paradise to be there with no adults... ...but once the boys realize that there is no one there to take care of them, they get scared because they think that there is a monster among them. As the boys become more scared of the monster things start to happen. With the boys being scared of the monster, it led up to the boys accidently killing Simon ): "you did the other day. you said they dream and cry out. Now they talk- not only the littluns, but my hunters sometimes- talk of a thing, a dark thing, a beast, some sort of animal. I've heard. You thought not, didnt you? Now listen! You dont get big animals on small islands."
-Jack (83) In the book, the boys have a meeting about what is scaring them. This quote is explaing that not only the little ones are scared but the older boys are too.
This quote reveals that not only little kids can be scared, but anyone can be scared of anything. "I was already asleep when the twisty things were fighting and when they went away I was awake and I saw something big and horrid moving in the trees."
-Phil (85) The fear that is overcoming the boys is causing them to have bad dreams. Once they wake up from the dreams, they dont know what was real and unreal.
This quote reveals that little kids can get scared easily and it can cause them to have bad dreams. In the book "Lord of the Flies," the boys build a signal fire, to try and get rescued, but they eventually set the whole island on fire in an attempt to try and kill Ralph.
The signal fire represents both hope of rescue and of destruction. "He wants to know what you're going to do about the snake-thing."
-Piggy (35) In the book Lord of Flies the boys have another meeting.The littluns are still scared of the monster and in the meeting Piggy says that the littluns want to know whats gonna be done about the monster.
This quote reveals that the boys are scared of the monster and they dont know what to do about it. There are no adults to look for them now, so they are officially on there own.
This quote explains that fear can make you more scared when you don't know what to do. "I can't swim I wasn't allowed, my asthma."
Piggy (5) At the beginning of the book, when the plane crashes Ralph and Piggy meet. Ralph decides to go swimming and Piggy is scared to swim because he has asthma.This quote reveals that piggy has been scared since he was gotten on the island. It also shows that Piggy is still civilized and following rules even though there are no adults around to enforce them.\
This quote explains that fear can make you not do things that you want to do. the conch in Lord of the Flies was used to get all the boys together in one area. The conch represents society, rules and speech. But when the conch was desroyed it represented that all rules, and anything civil on the island was now gone. In lord of the flies Jack goes from being the leader of the hunters to being the main leader. Everyone begins to follow him and join his "tribe." Most of the boys on the island are scared of jack and scared of what will happen if they don't go with him. in the book Lord of the Flies, the boys put a pigs head on a stick to distract "the monster" on the island. The Pigs head is the Lord of Flies and it represents evil, Satan, and darkness. piggy's glasses were used to create fire in Lord of the Flies.
A pair of glasses are for looking. Looking is vision. Vision is sight, and sight is a metaphore for knowledge.
In the book Piggy is very smart and knows things that the other boys do not like law and order. But once Piggy is killed all law and order on the island is gone. amber jack *Care about people's feelings
*17 years old
*I'm a girl
*Never killed someone
*Never killed an animal *Doesn't care about others.
*Only 12 years old
*Jack is a boy!
*One of the hunters
*The reason Simon and Piggy are dead. *both like being leader Overall i would give this book a thumbs up.
Why? 1) When i was little i wrote short stories about kids who got lost all the time. So it was interesting to read something that i liked when i was little. 2) I liked the fact that new things were always happening in the book. 3)I also likes that everything kept getting more intense as the book went on. jack and amber Quote One; Quote Two; Quote Three; Quote Four Jack! *strong willed. Two thumbs up!
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