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Why did slavery start in the colonies?

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Erika H

on 6 September 2013

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Transcript of Why did slavery start in the colonies?

Economics and Slavery.
Erika Holbert

Why did slavery start in the colonies?
Slavery started in the colonies because the colonists needed cheap labor to grow the economy quickly by exporting things to England and some parts of Europe. (Slavery continued in America for many years after it was banned by England).
How were slaves brought to the colonies?
Slaves were brought to the colonies on ships and they were kept on the bottom floor (the basement) and were not fed, most of them died before they got to the colonies. Later the colonists realized that they had to give them some kind of food source but, they didn't feed them very much.
What types of jobs do in each colonial region:New England, Middle and South?
In New England the slaves mostly would be servants/maids and house workers.
In the Middle it was mainly Agriculture such as: tobacco and crops.
In the South the slaves were agriculture slaves also but they grew cotton and tobacco.
(African and African American slaves performed 222,505,049 hours of labor between 1619 and 1865 in what became the United States).
Why were the jobs in each region different?
The jobs in each region were different because each area had a different environment.
New England there were house workers
Middle there was agriculture and crops
South there was tobacco and cotton.
Depending on what people needed in that region that's what the slaves did.
Why were slaves important to the colonial economy?
Slaves were important to the colonial economy because When first arriving in the new world, they needed people to work these tracks of land for them. The cheapest way at the time was an indentured servant. The planters realized that the indentured servants wouldn't work. Refusing against socially inclined persons, inability to be disciplined, and ability to become sick from diseases, the indentured servants were forgotten.
What difficulties did slaves face?
Slaves were punished for small things like exceeding their food limit, or not doing completely following orders. Slaves were sold like animals at the slave auction. They were denied basic rights, so they couldn't get an education, couldn't participate in government and other stuff. some slaves couldn't name there selves and were separated from there families forever.

What alternative to slavery do you think the colonists could have used to solve the labor shortage?
The colonists could have done more of the work themselves as well as family members and switch between shifts.(switch between jobs every other day).
the end
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