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Research Proposal and Operationalization

No description

Kimberly A

on 11 February 2015

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Transcript of Research Proposal and Operationalization

Research Proposal Design & Operationalization
Writing a research proposal
What are your research objectives?
Connections with theory & research
Linked to each other
Make an original contribution
Neither too broad nor too narrow
Group I
Alkire, S. (2007) Choosing dimensions: the capability approach and multidimensional poverty. CPRC Working paper 88.
Bermann, M. (2010) On concept and paradigms in mixed methods research. Journal of Mixed methods Research. 4(3) 171-175
Bryman, A. (2012) Social Research Methods, 4th edition. Chapter 4: 'Planning a research project and formulating research questions.' Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp.
Cohen, L., Manion, L., & Morrison, K. (eds.) (2011) Research Methods in Education, 7th edition. Chapter 7: 'Planning educational research', section 7.8 . How to operationalize research questions. London: Routledge, pp 126-130
Selected research proposal: Steven de Grauw -- Private Security and the Reproduction of Differentiated Citizenship: A Case Study of French Hill, Jerusalem.
Cresswell. J.W. and V.L. Plano Clark (2011) ‘Choosing a Mixed Methods Design’. Chapter 3 in Designing and Conducting Mixed Methods Research, Los Angeles, London: Sage, pp. 53-107.
Why is your research topic important?
What is your research question?
What are your data collection methods?
What are the existing literature on research topic?
Any anticipated problems?
Analysis of data?
Formulating Research Questions
"In what ways do
private security
practices and discourses contribute to the reproduction of
differentiated citizenship
in French Hill, an ethnically mixed neighborhood in Jerusalem?"
Differentiated Citizenship
Being able to behave as preferred
Being identified as part of a community
Feeling socially secure
Free Choice
Behaving as perceived non threat
Being obedient towards security
Kimberly Ang, Marco Becking, Roos Douma
Steven de Grauw -- Private Security and the Reproduction of Differentiated Citizenship: A Case Study of French Hill, Jerusalem.
J.W. Cresswell and V.L. Plano Clark
Any other considerations?
Fixed or emergent mixed methods design?
Typology-based or dynamic approach?
Is the research problem calling for a mixed method approach?
Is there a specific reason to combine methods?
Some reasons for using a mixing methods design:
Different research questions
Other existing literature on research topic?
Analysis of data?
Any anticipated problems?
Bryman, A.
A. Bryman
Consulted literature
Mixed Methods Design
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