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Alternative Book Report

No description

Elyse Boles

on 18 February 2013

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Transcript of Alternative Book Report

Flashbacks: A literary device in which an earlier event is inserted into the normal chronological order of a narrative.
Example: Flashback to when Janie had her first experience in someone else's dream at the age of eight. (Pp. #4-6)
Plot Summary Janie Alcoholic mother
Cabel Father passed away Compare and Contrast Lucid Dreaming dream
nightmare connection
egregious Foreshadowing: to show or indicate beforehand
Example: Mr. Reed asks Janie for help in his dream, foreshadowing that she will later be able to help people in their dreams. (Pp. #60-61) doesn't know who her father is Ability to enter other's dreams Works at a nursing home Not well liked/popular Abused by father Motherless Works undercover for police department Makes his way into the popular crowd Preparing for college Learn to control dreams outcasts at some point Must take care and look after themselves Vocabulary "Your dreams are not your own..." "Ask me for help." - Janie Hyperbole: exaggerated statements or claims not meant to be taken literally.
Example: "Again and again, she fights, her head feeling like it might explode at any moment." (Pg. #41) Simile: A comparison using "like" or "as."
Example: "For Janie everything is black as night." (Pg. #195) Discover and explore your own world of dreams! www.dreamboard.com Literary Devices The story starts in December of 2005 with Janie falling into the dream of a football player sleeping nearby. Janie decides not to “help” the boy. Afterward, Janie flashbacks to December of 1996 and details her first time entering the dream of someone else. Her future best friend, Carrie, moves in next door in 2001. They have Janie's first and last true sleepover with a school bully and Janie enters both of their dreams. The novel moves forward to 2004 with Janie being 16 and working in a nursing home to save money for college. Later in the same year, the readers are introduced to Cabel for the first time. He gives Janie a ride home on his skateboard after she leaves a dance early. Janie falls into a war veteran's dream at the nursing home where he asks her to help him repeatedly. She changes the ending of the dream for the first time and the man dies afterward. Janie buys a car from Carrie's much older boyfriend and begins driving even against doctors orders (they believe she has seizures). In August of 2005 she drives down Cabel's street and enters his dream for the first time. It leaves her scared yet curious. Janie continues to enter Cabel's dreams which are mostly violent but in one he kisses Janie behind a shed. Miss Stubin at the nursing home passes away and leaves Janie with a peculiar note revealing that she had the same ability as Janie. Janie opens up to Cabel on a field trip about her strange ability. They fight back and forth for a while because she hears Cabel is with a popular girl and involved in drugs. Cabel reveals to Janie in a dream how he has learned to control his dreams. Janie does research and begins to control her own and is able to help people when they ask her for it. Janie finally gives Cabel a chance and he explains that he is involved in something big that he cannot tell her about. He takes Janie to the police office where the Captain informs Janie about the undercover mission and how Cabel threatened to quit if he could not tell Janie about the situation. This makes Janie trust him. Janie gets a call from Carrie and learns she is in jail. The bust has taken place and Carrie and Cabel both were at the party. Cabel is in jail to play his role. When Janie shows up to bail Carrie and her boyfriend out, she falls into the drug-dealers dream. She finds out where he has his stash of drugs and helps the police arrest him. They offer her a job and Janie and Cabel plan out their future together.
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