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A Penguin's Tale

A story about community.

Sarah Bailey

on 23 September 2012

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Transcript of A Penguin's Tale

Penguin looked up at the industrious little spider and marveled at its web. He thought about his colleagues. They talked about the web a lot... The bird tweeted, and the Penguin smiled. He really needed to think about webs and who he met in them. A Penguin's home is his castle. Going to visit the family, Penguin was curious about what everybody was reading. Mum was consulting The New Penguin Cookery Book on her iPad, Dad was reading Between a Mother and Her Child in preparation for his book club, and Little Penguin was enthralled in Monstrous Missions. Little Penguin decided to go out to play... Once upon a time, Penguin needed a little more company...
click through to find out more about his world. Penguin laughed with pleasure as he watched Little Penguin play with his friends. He thought of all those people he'd met on the way. People he'd built tree houses with; listened to Leonard Cohen with; had dinner with. So many people. So many stories, read and told. Along the way Penguin had picked up hobbies. The one he found especially lonely was wild swimming; people think it's a little cold. Apparently. So he bought a book about wild swimming, and went to a club to meet other people who loved it too. He'd never meet those people anywhere else. Swimming was not his only love though... His first love would always be books. They were all over his house. Even in places, which, frankly, were a bit embarrassing. To discover them though, libraries were the most special place. A cosy chair for reading; travel book after travel book; the beautiful children's section; and newspapers in different languages. A simple passion (helped along by a great school) had shaped Penguin. School, college, university. There is so much to learn. But the world is changing. In the 2.0 world Penguin is flooded with information and new people. However, the humble book can still focus us and bring us together. Reading, sharing ideas, and passing on knowledge is still every bit as special. And they continue to be useful at work. Penguin’s teacher friends take part in #ukedchat, his business buddies use #bizitalk and his fellow book-folk use #litchat. All of these underpinned by knowledge and ideas that can be found in books. Back on the bench, Penguin reflected on just how many people there were to connect with, in different types of web, and across the whole world. He needed help. He needed someone who loved books (especially old children's books) and people (especially curious ones), someone who could mobilise people to get involved and spread the word. He remembered getting a CV from a lady called Sarah Bailey. Must dig that out... With thanks to Isobel Knowles, Matthew Young and Alan Trotter.

Special thanks to a dear brother, Steven Bailey, for helping with his magic graphic pencil.
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