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No description

denise ng

on 4 August 2014

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Transcript of WILLTOWIN GYM

Company Description
- Luxurious and prestigious gym where fitness meet revitalization, rejuvenation and refreshment.

- Offers high end gym equipments and services to provide maximum comfort with unrivaled privacy.

- Treatment rooms and services where customers can enjoy a variety of services ranging from the deep tissue massage, personal training and finest luxury sauna.
Strategic Focus and Plan
- Provide superior service and professional assistance.

- Open more outlets in next 5 years

- 30,000 membership

- Short term sales target - 2 Million
- Long term sales target - 5 million per annum
Market Situation Analysis
Becoming increasingly health conscious,
Fitness and weight loss market are growing rapidly
According to MensHealth.com, gym memberships has increased between 25% to 500% in 2011.
Target Market
- Exclusive places like MBS, Sentosa
- Aged 16 and above
- Both Male and Females
- Families that has high income above $20,000
- High class
- Likes luxury and comfort, prestige
Price Strategy
- Using Psychological Pricing
- Set membership fee of $15k per annual
- Using Competitive Based Pricing
- Normal gym cost $2000 per annum in Spore
- World most expensive gym cost $30k per annual
- Located in US
Promotion Strategy

- Face to Face presentation
- Sending invitation to potential customers
- Free trial at our gym
- Providing physical & nutritional
Personal Selling
Public Relation
- Organizing events such as
fashion show
- Models help to promote our
gym to Public & Media
- Festive season discount up to 20% off
- Members will enjoy up to 20% off for
optimum nutrition & muscletech products
- Free gift during special season
- Bring along family season
Place Strategy
Resort World Sentosa
Exclusive distribution, only one in Singapore
Wealthy area
Great ambiance
Magnificent view

Positioning Statement
To wealthy young adults who wishes to make the first step in changing their life’s. The WilltoWin gym is a prestigious gym which provides premium high quality facilities, the most modern club design, the most professional personal trainers and highest value-added finishes.
Competitor's Channel
Fitness first is one of the main competitors
Selective distribution as they have 16 outlets all around Singapore
Eg. Tampines, Cathay, Raffles Place, etc

Marketing Plan Objectives
Product Strategy
Core product

Gym membership:

Customers looking for luxury, fitness, confidence, relaxation and excitement
Actual Product
Luxurious gym membership:
Unlimited personal training
Customized gym attire
Deep tissue massage
Post-workout cafe
Personal trainer:
Customized programming- design an exercise program to help you reach your unique goals and take into account special considerations

Correct technique- safety and maximizing the efficiency of your workouts

Enhance motivation- a scheduled session with a trainer promotes accountability on your part and a personal trainer can also spur you when you are low in spirit

Alleviate boredom- A personal trainer can help you select activities that you enjoy, and also choose exercises that will keep you challenged
Sports Apparel Customization:
Every new member will be entitled to a free custom made gym attire
Deep Tissue Massage:
Deep-tissue massage is a specific type of massage therapy that concentrates on the deep layers of muscle and fascia in the body and recommended by many doctors as a treatment.

Reduce chronic pain
Improve blood circulation
Post-workout cafe:
Serves "clean food"
Promotes healthy eating habit
Reach target body fast
Personal trainers:
Highly certified trainers from The Federation of International Sports, Aerobics and Fitness
Design exclusive trainings for individuals
Enjoyable yet productive workouts
Deep Tissue Massage:
3 times per week
massage at specific area that experience pain
Customization of gym attire:
Customized to your measurements and style
Material used for the attire is Dryarn
Dryarn is an innovative polypropylene micro-fibre.
Very light and comfortable to wear
Post-workout cafe:
Ingredients used in the meals are fresh and organic
Customized gym attire will have Willtowin logo on it
Brand name:
Combination of the three words “will-to-win”
We want our gym members to come to our gym with the will to win.

Sales Promotion

Age: 22
Gender: Female
Occupation: Student in Singapore Management University.
Income level: Comes from a wealthy family.
Marital Status: Just broke up.

- Ended her relationship with boyfriend
- Gorges herself with unhealthy food
- Unable to fit all her branded clothes and don't look good
- Tries to gym but does not know how to utilize gym equipments
- Embarrassed to gym outdoor
- Feels that it is very crowded
- Feels uncomfortable to exercise in an unpleasant environment.

Achieving sales target of $2,000,000 in the first year of operation
Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Collaborating with overseas gyms
Organizing events collaborating with swimwear company like lazul (London-based luxury swimwear)
Made up of 2 “W” - will and win
One “W” is of original position while the other ‘W’ is inverted
Black and platinum design
Black represents sophistiction
Platinum is a scarce and highly valuable metal
Augmented Product
Free wifi in gym vicinity
Fresh juice bar provided as refreshment
Ipads provided at resting area

Augmented Product
Our personal trainers will call up the clients to ask if they have been following their daily diets
After every training, our personal trainers will check on the safety of the members
Sending our members a birthday gift card
Points of Difference
Points of Difference
Location and interior design
Exclusive location
Resort style
Breathtaking view
Deep tissue massage
Provided for clients in the membership
specialized sports centre charges $100-200
Points of difference
Customisation of workout outfits
Little gyms provide custom made clothing
One of a kind
Can choose fit , colour, etc

- Only luxurious gym in Singapore which provides exclusive services.

- Give customers a new perspective of gyming.

- Give them a mindset of Will-to-win.

Darren Kang
Nigel Soon
Denise Ng
Quek Shi min
Nicholas Wong

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