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the importance of the of symbols in "the secretlife of bees" and "to kill a mockingbird"

Claire Godfrey

on 13 May 2011

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Transcript of SYMBOLISM

SYMBOLISM Literary Element to compare:
SYMBOLISM THese novels both demonStrait their themes from the
importance of there symboles. This element connects the theme and the characters and helps to find the meaning of their literaty featurs. The symbols in the novels are the queen
bee and the mockingbird. The symbols intertwine with eachother The symbols, the queen bee and the mockingbird, can
be seen in both novels. The mockingbird can be considered as Tom Robinson and Boo Radley "To kill a mockingbird" and as Lilly and May in
"The secret life of bees". - The queen bee can be seen as August Boawright, Debroah Owens, and the virgin Mary. This symbol can also be seen in Atticus Finch and how he directs
others. The mockinbird repersents innocence in "To
BUT MAKES MUSIC FOR US TO ENJOY...THATS WHY ITS A SIN TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD" (lEE 90). The queen bee cares and directs all. " She's the mother of thousands"( kidd 149) Both of these novels have symbols that
repersent more than themselves and are
used to compare people and objects throughout
the book. B-E-A-U-TI-FUL Prezi designed by: Claire Godfrey! INTRODUCTION: #2 #1 #3 These symbols emphasize their themes ''It takes a honeybee worker ten million
foraging trips to gather enough nectar to
make one pound of honey"(Kidd 215) - repersenting the load some of the characters in "The secret Life of bees" have to carry. "Well it'd sort of like shootin a mockingbird....." ( Kidd 276) - relating to the theme of "To Kill a Mockinbird" These symbols help the themes have more importance in the novels. #4 The Symbols repersent charcters in the novels "The queen for her part, is the unifying force of the community...if she she is removed form the hive, the workerse very quickly sence her absense"( kidd 1) - The role of the queen bee can be seen in August Boatwright and the virgin Mary by how they are the leaders of either their sisters or their followers. Debroh Owens can also be seen as this role because of how Lily is always reminded of her presence. "The senseless slaughter of song birds" ( lee 241) - This is explaning the unjustice of the murders,
demonstraiting the character Tom Robinson and
his death. This also repersents Boo Radley because
he was emontionaly hurt for no reason. Conclusion: The symbols used in both of these novels help to bring
literaty features into them. The symbols repersent higher
powers within and out of the novels. symbolissm relate to
the characters and reveal the themes and morals. Bibliography: Lee, Haper. "to kill a mockingbird".New york: warner
books,1960. kidd, sue monk." the secret life of bees".
new york,penguin books,2002.
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