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Master Listing Presentation

Test 9/5/2011

Jim Pitchford

on 9 August 2015

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Transcript of Master Listing Presentation

QR Codes
The Pitchford Group Utilizes State of The Art Smart Websites.
The old static yard sign and brochure box.
Who is the #1 company
in Real Estate information
and internet traffic?
The Pitchford Group.com
Jim Pitchford Associate Broker RE/MAX
Your Video Is Exclusive!
No Other Company Has This
Cutting Edge Tool!
The Real Estate Business
Was Simpler Then...
The old ways of selling your home are no longer effective or acceptable!
Your New Sign With Exclusive
Texting Service
Do you believe that
all real estate
companies are
about the same?
Do you believe that all real estate agents are about the same in experience and
skill levels?
The Real Estate Section
No Longer Exists!
It Could Not Compete
With The Internet!
You Ad Is Updated
Every 48 Hours
We Present Your
Home To Buyers
24 Hours A Day
7 Days A Week!
Watch This Sample...
Turn Up Your Speakers.
Old Fashioned Virtual Tours Are Made From Still Photos.
Our Video Home Tours
Double Your Exposure To
Todays Savvy Home Buyers!

Your Home Is Promoted On
More Than 45
Major Websites!
Our Websites and Systems
Are Designed To Capture The Names, Phone Numbers and Email Addresses of People Interested In Your Home.

Just because an agent promises to place your home online,does not mean that potential buyers will be able to find it.
Selling your home requires aggressive marketing.
We use the newest
internet tools.
The Pitchford Group.com is a full time internet marketing team.
95% Of All Home Buyers
Are Searching
For Their New Home Online
Right Now!
Only RE/MAX Offers Professional Quality Home Videos.
Let's GO!
The Pitchford Group.com
Your Full-time Internet Marketing Team
Inbound Relocations
2. Internet Leads
New Homes Division
Where Do Home Buyers Come From?
Home Sellers
Your Craigslist ad is
renewed every 48 hours
to keep it at the top of the list!
Virtual tours are
not Video tours!
Home buyers
prefer Video tours
by more than 3 to 1

We produce an exclusive
professional video
of your home!
Todays home buyers are
computer savvy and use
the internet to search
for their new home!
Real estate
marketing tools.
Word of mouth
The tools used for marketing
real estate have changed.
A recent real estate history.
The old static sign and brochure box.
A non-effective sales tool
1. Social Marketing:
3. Craigslist
4. Zillow
5. Professional Video Tour:
World Wide Syndicated Sites
Local Buyers
95% Come From The Internet
RE/MAX Internet Presence
How Do Jim & Pam Rank
Against The Competition?
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