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Weather Notes #1

Investigation #1 (thanks to the Prezi team for the Animation)

Mark Burson

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Weather Notes #1

Weather and Climate Investigation #1
Cloud Cover How much of the sky is covered by clouds 4 Catagories
Overcast-90% or more covered
Mostly Cloudy-50%-90% covered
Partly Cloudy-10%-50% covered
also called scattered
Clear-Less than 10% covered
Cloud Types Cirrus Clouds Cumulus Clouds Stratus Clouds Cloud words have meanings
These words can be combined
in many different ways! Curls or Whisps Heaps or Piles of Clouds Layered Looking Clouds Nimbus Clouds Rain Clouds Alto Clouds Designate Height Altos Sing in the Middle of the Choir Wind Speed Wind Direction Precipitation Wind Speed is measured using an anometer Another way to measure wind speed
is to use the Beaufort Wind Scale
Seen on pg. 5 of your book Wind Direction is measured with a weather vane or wind sock
You can also use your face Show in terms of direction: N S E W Measured in mph or kph Has many forms or types Hail, Rain, Snow and Sleet are all examples Its measured using a rain guage units are cm or inches
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