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The Schwa was here

English Finals

Aquiera Williams

on 1 October 2015

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Transcript of The Schwa was here

English Final Project
By Aquiera Williams
1) Anthony "Antsy" Bonano lives in upstate New York with his mom, dad, lazy older brother, and annoying little sister.
2)His dad gave him a maniquen from his job at Pisher Plastics and said it was made from indestructable material: he asked Anthony to brake it, if he could. Anthony called it Manny Bullpucky. (His Brother's idea.)
3) In the first attempt to brake Manny, Anthony and his friends, Ira and Howie, throw Manny over a cliff and record it. They didn't notice the boy standing there the whole time, His name was Calvin Schwa.
4)Calvin was in Anthony's science class, he sat right next to him. There were a lot of rumors about the Schwa "They say his clothes blend into the background, no matter where he stands. They say if you stare at him long enough, you can see what's written on the wall behind him." Teachers never call on him and he's always marked absent.
5) Anthony starts experiments to see just how invisible the Schwa really is. They call it "The Schwa Effect."
6)One experiment goes wrong. They brake into Old Man Crawley's house. Right above Crawley's Restaurant, but they get caught by his dogs. So that he won't call the cops, Anthony and Calvin have to work for him, do chores, and walk his big rowdy dogs.
7)Calvin invites Anthony over to his house. Anthony meets Calvin's dad, he's an artist who seems pretty distant but he knows that Calvin exsits, barely.
8)Mr. Crawley's granddaughter, Lexie, comes to live with him. She's blind and has a seeing eye dog named Moxie. Calvin immediatley falls in love with Lexie. Lexie thinks the Schwa is "functionally invisible."
9) There are a lot of weird theory's about what happened to Calvin's mom: She either disappeared at a Walbaum's supermarket or The Schwa's dad cut her up an sent the peices to all 50 states.
10) Anthony's mom and dad fight over who's linguini is better, they put Anthony in the middle of it and he doesn't want to choose.
11) Mr.Crawley fell and he couldn't get back up so Anthony forces him to go to the hospital.
12) Mr.Crawley doesn't want Lexie to know about it or even see him like that (which she can't anyway) because he thinks she'll tell her dad (Mr.Crawley's son) and he'll send him to an old folks home.
13) Anthony and Lexie go to a movie and accidentally kiss.
14) Calvin thinks that Anthony and Lexie went out on a date and that Anthony's in love with Lexie.
15) Mr.Crawley fires Anthony's dad from Pisher Plastics, Anthony still has to work for Mr.Crawley though.
16) Calvin tells Anthony the truth about his mom and what happened to her. (If you want to know you have to read the book first.)
17)The Butcher at Walbaums knows what really happened to her afterward. He tells Anthony and Anthony tells the Schwa and Lexie.
18) Calvin disappears without a word to anyone, all he left was the billboard that read "The Schwa was Here".
19) All of a sudden, as if there are a whole band of people who know, billboards and buildings have "The Schwa was Here" written on them.
20) Some time later Calvin sends a postcard to Anthony, he said he found his mom, and he told Anthony as long as he remembers the Schwa the Schwa will remember him.
The Schwa was Here
By Neal Shusterman
About The Author:
Neal Shusterman was raised in Brooklyn, New York where at a young age he began to write. At 8 he wrote a letter to E.B Web to say that he believed that Charlotte's Wab needed a sequel. At 16 Neal and his family moved to Mexico City.
Throughout the years Neal has successfully made his mark as a novelist, screenwriter, and television writer. He lives in South Carolina with his three kids who provide inspiration.
Neal has been credited with hundreds of awards and honors for his books.
"The Schwa was Here has earned 21 awards total from 19 different states.
Neal has done:
-16 novels
-1 collection
-5 nonfictional series
-3 nonfiction based books
-1 poem
-and 3 essays.
I think people who enjoy suspense, a good laugh, and a good story about friends who stick by each other than the "Schwa Was Here" is the book for you.
Favorite Paragragh:
Chapter 15-page 153:
Vortex in Aisle Three- Can Someone Please Clean Up the Ectoplasmic Slime?
I had no idea what the Schwa had in mind, but I didn't like his eerily calm tone of voice. It haunted me all the way home. It was what you might call a "blaze of glory" calm. I started to think of that old cartoon where Daffy Duck gets no respect, so, to prove he's a better act than Bugs Bunny, he swallows a few sticks of dynamite, guzzles a can of gasoline, and then swallows a lighted match.
But Why?:
It's my favorite paragraph because many of them are like that, it was hard to choose just one paragraph. Most of them involve a silly reference about T.V or something weird but they also make it hard to focus which makes you want to reread. After a "what did I just read?" moment like that you have to make sure you really understand it. I think the paragraph was funny in it's truth. That's why I chose it.
The End
All in all it ends happily, Mr. Crawley gives Anthony's dad a new job as co-owner of his new restaraunt and Calvin life has a happy ending. As always.
If you want to learn more about Neal Shusterman or his other forms of work you can visit his website at http://www.storyman.com/
And if you want to read another book after the Schwa was here I reccomend reading "Antsy Does Time."
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