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The Road - As A Classical "Journey"

Group PREZI-entation- present a 30-40 minute lesson that will be assesed. 65 points.

Jon Walker

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of The Road - As A Classical "Journey"

The Road as a Classical "Journey" The main character of The Road represents the elements of a classical journey. The boy is put through many trials and experiences conflicts throughout their journey on the road. Internal External Cannibals He faces death Starvation Lack of shelter Elements of a "classical journey"
that apply to the boy in The Road: Education with a very old and very wise teacher The hero has special duties or responsibilities in this world Ultimately the hero must rely on his own strength, wits and resources. His father lies to him to
protect him from the horrific truths
of the world. Therefor he must distinguish between the truths and the lies. He is left alone His Father usually guides him But now he has to differentiate
the good from the bad The boy was born on the
night of the apocalypse The man teaches the boy how to survive He tries to help the boy distiguish good from bad He stresses how important it is to live,
and to not say he wishes he were dead Usually the main character has many tests
throughout the story both internal and external Other examples of "classical journeys" The Wizard of Oz The Odyssey Hercules Even though the father
teaches the boy, the boy
also teaches the father. The father portrays his son
as "savior". The Lord of the Rings Mysterious, unusual or miraculous circumstances if birth.
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